Advertising Agency Launches Campaign to Free Jailed Egyptian Women With NFT Sales

Advertising Agency Launches Campaign to Free Jailed Egyptian Women With NFT Sales – A non-governmental organization and an advertising firm from the United Arab Emirates have launched a campaign to generate funds for jailed Egyptian women through the sale of non-fungible tokens. The funds received have already been utilized to pay off the women’s debts, allowing them to leave jail.

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Horizon FCB, a UAE-based advertising agency, has launched a non-fungible token campaign to generate donations to liberate Egyptian women imprisoned for not paying their debts. Horizon FCB has teamed up with the non-profit group Children of Female Prisoners Association for this initiative (CFPA).

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According to a report by Unlock Media, the imprisoned women were unable to repay comparatively small loans taken out to pay for emergencies, medicine, and other family requirements, and therefore found themselves in prison. Reham Mufleh, the general manager of the advertising firm, revealed why Horizon FCB decided to help. 

Mufleh explained:

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“We created Breakchains making use of Blockchain which is a humane project inspired by the reasons for the imprisonment, and we also cooperated with artists from all around the world to create NFTs. Each is intended to tell a woman’s tale, the story of why she is being sentenced in the first place. Each NFT is valued at the cost of releasing them from their sentence and providing them with a second chance at life.”

Every year, over 10,000 Egyptian women are sentenced to prison, according to the report. According to the study, their sole offense is for not repaying their loans.

The heartbreaking experiences of the imprisoned women and the plight of their families, according to Horizon FCB CEO Mazen Jawad, drove the advertising firm to launch the campaign.

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Advertising Agency Launches Campaign to Free Jailed Egyptian Women With NFT Sales – Horizon FCB and its partner CFPA are exploiting the novelty of NFTs to raise awareness about the predicament of imprisoned women and their families, in addition to raising donations.

Three Egyptian moms were reunited with their family on March 21, the day the campaign was launched, after their debts were paid with funds obtained from the sale of NFTs.

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