Arnold Schwarzenegger Sued After Allegedly Hitting Bicyclist With Car

Arnold Schwarzenegger Sued After Allegedly Hitting Bicyclist With Car – Arnold Schwarzenegger is facing a lawsuit for an incident in February when he is said to have collided with a bicyclist using his SUV in West Los Angeles. TMZ reported that the collision occurred after a woman named Joanne Flickinger, who was riding a bike, allegedly swerved into Schwarzenegger’s lane. 

According to law enforcement sources cited by TMZ, the accident happened because Flickinger made a left turn in front of the former California governor before he could apply his brakes. Flickinger, the individual identified in the recent lawsuit, was reportedly swiftly taken to the emergency room and is now asserting that the 75-year-old actor renowned for his role in “Terminator” is at fault for the incident.

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According to documents, she says he was driving “with excessive speed and failed to keep a proper lookout.” Flickinger also claims the collision caused her severe injuries. Representatives of Schwarzenegger and the Los Angeles Police Department were unavailable for immediate comment when contacted by The Post. At the time of the report, there was no suspicion of drugs or alcohol being involved in the accident. 

Additionally, it was mentioned that the actor from “Twins” was not driving at a notably high speed and was reportedly cooperative with the officers present at the scene. Following the accident, Schwarzenegger loaded Flickinger’s bike onto the rear of his SUV and transported it to a repair shop.

This incident is not the lone traffic incident the celebrity has encountered in recent years. In January 2022, Schwarzenegger was part of a multi-car collision in Brentwood, California. At that time, he was behind the wheel of a GMC Yukon, which collided with a red Prius, causing the smaller vehicle to overturn and subsequently striking a Porsche Cayenne.


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