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Bitcoin Argentina NGO to Take Crypto Education to Schools

Bitcoin Argentina NGO to Take Crypto Education to Schools – Argentina, according to Chainalysis, is one of the Latin American countries with the highest crypto adoption rate. Because of inflation and exchange limitations, most citizens of the country have turned to crypto and bitcoin.

This is why Bitcoin Argentina, an NGO devoted to the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem in Argentina, has chosen to establish a Bitcoin education project for high schoolers.

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The “Schools and Bitcoin” project, which was created in collaboration with the humanitarian initiative Built with Bitcoin, intends to educate high school students about this innovative alternative finance system.

The project, according to Jimena Vallone of Bitcoin Argentina, is a sequel of a previous pilot project wherein students from Argentina demonstrated a strong interest in learning about Bitcoin.

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She elaborated:

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“There is a tremendous desire to learn more about Bitcoin and blockchain, as well as to train and learn. All of this acted as a catalyst for brainstorming ideas for the project, which would initially involve 40 schools but will gradually include a larger number.”

“Schools and Bitcoin” seeks to reach over 4,000 high schoolers, with classes and content adapted to each of the regions in which these classes will take place.

Vallone stated:

“For each school, the content will be different. Because Argentina is such a diverse country, it’s important to consider each situation while introducing the material.”

The core will remain the same, with students learning about Bitcoin’s transparent, inclusive, open, traceable, and secure traits. This is reported to be the first project of its kind in Latin America, wherein countries like Brazil and Venezuela are recognized for their cryptocurrency activities.

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The education initiative’s acceptance is crucial in light of Argentina’s debt restructuring agreement with the International Monetary Fund, which contained a provision advising that the government restrict the use of cryptocurrency in Argentina.

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