Brazilian Wine Club Now Accepts Bitcoin As Payment On Mobile App

Brazilian Wine Club Now Accepts Bitcoin As Payment On Mobile App – Wine, a Brazilian wine club, is now taking bitcoin for purchases made through its mobile app. The payment processing integration was made possible through a collaboration with Redecoin, a subsidiary of the SFC Brazil Group. Wine intends to add bitcoin payment features to its desktop and mobile websites, as well as future Wine services.

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Customers who select the products they wish to purchase will be directed to a checkout screen that includes bitcoin as a payment option. When this option is chosen, a QR code will appear, allowing clients to use the Bitcoin Lightning Network as an instant payment method.

Redecoin, a financial service provider under parent business SFC Brazil Group, implemented the integration that allows bitcoin to be used as payment.

“Our aim is to popularize the usage of cryptocurrencies in Brazilians’ daily lives, and this cooperation puts us on the proper track to accomplish that,” said Armin Altweger, CEO of the SCF Brazil Group.

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Wine’s Director of Technology, Clayton Freire, indicated that the SCF Brazil Group seeks innovation and use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies:

“We know that consumers are becoming more connected, and cryptocurrencies are already a part of their daily lives.” We chose to invest in this innovation strategy to provide an even more comprehensive experience to our clients and partners, and also because we feel that this form of payment will become more common in the near future.”

While the integration will initially be available only in the mobile app, Wine aims to expand the feature to its desktop and mobile websites, as well as future Wine services.

“We will monitor the adoption of this new payment mechanism and try to improve our operations.” “We will work collaboratively with internal customer service, which would help us gather feedback,” Freire said.

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According to a report from Chainalysis, Brazil ranks 14th out of the 154 nations that have been penetrated by cryptocurrencies. The interesting figure is that, according to Consumidor Moderno, Brazil ranks third in total traded volume. Wine is confident about the future of new payment methods as Brazilian interest in cryptocurrencies develops.

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