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Canadian Musician Grimes Reveals Intergalactic Children’s Metaverse Book at Avalanche Summit

Canadian Musician Grimes Reveals Intergalactic Children’s Metaverse Book at Avalanche Summit – Grimes, a Canadian singer and record producer, announced her ambitions to publish a “intergalactic children’s metaverse book” during the Avalanche Summit in Barcelona.

The Avalanche Foundation and the non-fungible token (NFT) launchpad OP3N launched a $100 million effort with Grimes’ children’s metaverse book project.

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The NFT launchpad OP3N and the Avalanche Foundation unveiled Culture Catalyst, a $100 million initiative dedicated to Web3 entertainment, on March 22-27 at the Avalanche Summit at Poble Espanyol in Barcelona. Culture Catalyst will enhance Web3 entertainment apps on the Avalanche network, according to Ava Labs president John Wu.

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Wu stated, “The Avalanche Foundation’s Culture Catalyst Initiative with OP3N signals a watershed moment for pop culture and entertainment applications on Avalanche.” “Users can expect the already thriving Avalanche NFT scene to expand into new regions and become a part of a new chapter in Web3 culture.”

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In addition to the Culture Catalyst, Canadian singer Grimes said that one of the products from the effort will be a “intergalactic children’s metaverse book.” Grimes discussed Web3 and how glad she was to assist OP3N’s work when speaking to Avalanche Summit attendees through a video screen.

“This was the kind of project I was hoping to see when I first got into Web3,” Grimes told the audience. “I’m excited to be working with OP3N on a series of instructional art for newborns and small children, with the goal of creating a life-changing experience for babies that is also deeply meaningful to adults,” the singer said.

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Over the last two years, Grimes has been heavily involved in the non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem. Grimes collaborated with the NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway to debut her NFT collection, “Warnymph Collection Vol. 1,” in March 2021.

The NFT collection was valued at roughly $6 million, and the “Newborn 1 & 3” NFT was fractionalized.

“Because of the environmental concerns, I hadn’t dropped any NFTs since the first drop.” “However, I feel completely at ease launching on Avalanche,” Grimes stated at the blockchain conference.

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