Co-founder of Argentinian Tech Giant Globant Thinks Companies Should Take Metaverse and Crypto Seriously

Co-founder of Argentinian Tech Giant Globant Thinks Companies Should Take Metaverse and Crypto Seriously – Cryptocurrencies and their derivatives are significantly affecting various industries, including the computer sector, and many businesses are concerned about the consequences. Guibert Englebienne, one of the co-founders of Globant, the Argentinian tech unicorn, has stated that this influence, as well as the new technology coming from the merger of crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse sector, should not be underestimated.

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Englebienne bases his opinion on the broad scope of these sectors and how they may impact other industries that are tangentially related to crypto, such as tech. 

He stated in an interview with local media:

“Organizations, in general, crystallize in a business model that has been beneficial to them and on which they have established a habit and a custom as they grow, but the introduction of new technologies will cause disruption in your business. It is essential that you devote some of your time to learning how to understand this.”

As a co-founder of Globant, Englebienne is a supporter of new technologies such as the metaverse, NFTs, and crypto. He believes there is still too much noise surrounding the metaverse, despite the fact that the technology is legitimate. According to him, the air must be cleared in order to appreciate the real usage and possibilities of this new technology.

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Englebienne also has a positive outlook on crypto. However, he believes that the sector would benefit from this new bear market. 

He stated:

“In terms of the recent market declines, I believe this is beneficial to some extent because it cleans up the landscape and distinguishes between projects with a genuine value proposition and those that are merely speculation.”

When it comes to NFTs and their prospective uses, Globant’s co-founder believes that they offer fascinating business models, but that there must be innovative projects utilizing NFTs that grasp “the true promise underlying the technology,” rather than merely leveraging it to chip in on the current hype.

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