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CryptoTab – Is It Worth It?

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CryptoTab is an extension of Google’s famous Chrome browser. The browser is also based on Chromium, which is the same engine that powers Google Chrome.

The browser has a similar appearance and feel to the well-known Chrome browser. In fact, the CryptoTab Browser supports the same Chrome extensions.

CryptoTab Browser (the software) is available for Windows and macOS. It’s also compatible with iOS and Android.

Why Was CryptoTab Developed?

Miners have been essential for the authentication and adding of new blocks to blockchains since the discovery of Blockchain Technology and the launch of the first Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).

And the main incentive for these miners has always been large payouts (in the form of cryptocurrencies) whenever they are the first to mine a block. Mining blocks for a blockchain, on the other hand, is not an easy process.

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Because of the cryptographic nature of blockchains, which necessitates machines performing extremely complex and demanding computations, it necessitated the use of extremely powerful processors.

However, as the number of miners in the network grew, the chances of being the first to validate a block grew progressively slim, making it nearly impossible for individual miners – especially those without powerful processors to mine blocks. The founders of CryptoTab, however, had a brilliant idea.

They were able to aggregate the resources (i.e. Processing Power) of several machines (Smart Phones, Personal Computers, Tablets, etc.) that had the Browser installed to mine Monero Privacy Coins and reward each individual who agreed to contribute to the success by installing the CryptoTab Browser by integrating a special Proof of Work algorithm called CryptoNight into the CryptoTab Browser.

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Monero Privacy Coins are converted to Bitcoins before being paid to miners (i.e. Users of CryptoTab Browser). It was effectively a means for everyone, with any device, to mine Cryptocurrencies for free, that which was what the inventors of CrytpoTab claimed.

The CryptoTab browsers are designed to allow devices with less processing capacity to mine Cryptocurrencies without affecting their operation or performance. However, the Miner can speed up the mining process by increasing the number of resources assigned to the Browser (although doing this could slowdown devices, and drain batteries quickly).


Is CryptoTab Browser Safe?

CryptoTab is available in two versions: a free (standard) browser and a premium (Pro) version (costing around $2.50 at the time of writing). 

The App is most likely free of malware and isn’t particularly hazardous to devices because it’s available on Google PlayStore and Apple Store. 

However, you should be cautious while downloading software from any third-party website to avoid installing corrupted software. Check Out  how you can protect yourself online.

Benefits Of CryptoTab

Users of the CryptoTab browser don’t need to do anything special most of the time. They would only have to download the browser and earn Bitcoins by using it (to browse the internet, stream videos, or simply leave it running in the background).

Additionally, customers can choose to use CryptoTab’s Affiliate network to multiply their revenue. All a user has to do in this instance is invite others to use the CryptoTab browser. After that, a percentage of the coins mined by their recommendations (up to 10 steps deep) would be paid to them, giving a kind of passive income.

As a result, the advantages of utilizing the CryptoTab browser include:

• Simple and easy user interface: Because the user interface is similar to that of the Chrome browser, users who are already familiar with Chrome will find switching to the new browser simple.

It offers low-cost mining: This is because users do not need to purchase strong machines or set up mining rigs in order to mine cryptocurrency.

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• The gadgets are not slowed down by the mining process: The browser, according to its makers, only uses “unused” resources on the device.

• It’s simple to set up: The heavy lifting, such as mining algorithms, setup, and so on has already been done. All that is required of a user is to create an account and turn on the mining. They can quickly transfer funds to their wallet once they have sufficient funds (at least 0.00001 BTC).

• A large user base: CryptoTab’s official website claims that there are more than 25 million users worldwide. And, because the browser has been around for quite some time, you can readily get answers to many questions on the internet.

• Bitcoin Payments: CryptoTab accepts Bitcoin as payment, making it simple for users to withdraw the coins into their wallets and utilize them immediately without having to convert them first.

• Referral/Affiliate Program: The referral program allows customers to make money while they sleep. In addition, the referral scheme is lawful and well-structured.

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