Discovering The Ultimate Best Sushi Restaurants in Richmond (Virginia)

Discovering The Ultimate Best Sushi Restaurants in Richmond (Virginia) – You probably think of shrimp and grits and soft-shell crabs when you consider Richmond, Virginia. They’re unlikely to be the first place that comes to mind when you think about sushi, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of the race. Sushi lovers are compelled to visit a few of Richmond’s amazing hidden jewels. From restaurants with different characteristics to sushi with fusion flavors that deliver a bite, you’d never expect it. There’s a lot more than meets the eye.

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Richmond, Virginia, is renowned for its great diners and restaurants and southern comfort dishes. Although regional cuisine is its claim to fame, there is more to the food scene. There are great restaurants that specialize in international cuisine. When visiting Richmond, sushi lovers are in for a treat, but you must know which restaurants to visit. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best sushi restaurants in  Richmond (Virginia) based on ratings from locals and tourists.

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What Are The Ultimate Best Sushi Restaurants in Richmond (Virginia)?

1.  Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice

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Sticky Rice is a fairly priced sushi restaurant located on Richmond’s main street. It is a student hangout with a trendy, relaxed, and inclusive vibe. If you enjoy fresh, delicious sushi and karaoke, this is a fantastic alternative. In a bar setting, the restaurant’s bar serves alcoholic beverages and real Japanese sticky balls, maki, and other delicacies. It’s a relaxed environment. People gather to socialize over drinks and an above-average meal.

2. Yoshi Sushi

Yoshi Sushi

Yoshi Sushi is a modest restaurant that specializes in the making of sushi. The portions are substantial, and the costs range from modest to inexpensive. At Yoshi Sushi, the staff is courteous and efficient. Your meal appears immediately after ordering. The meal is always fresh and tasty. When possible, the chef implements special requests. It serves lunch and dinner and offers dine-in, curbside pickup, and delivery services. Yoshi Sushi offers an exceptional buffet with a variety of sushi options.

3. Jing Sushi

Jing Sushi

Jing Sushi is a sushi restaurant located in the Henrico area of Richmond’s Village Shopping Center. Fresh and excellent sushi and traditional Asian cuisine are available here. The chef delivers a vegetarian sushi specialty item that is a fan favorite among vegan guests. The food is made in a decent amount of time and is offered at a reasonable price. It is a pleasant, local sushi restaurant with a large menu and comfy seating. You may dine in the restaurant or place a takeout/delivery order.

4. Hibachi Express

Hibachi Express

Hibachi Express is a straightforward fast-food restaurant with a sizable local patronage. The sushi is of average quality and is served at a modest counter with quick and courteous service. There is a location for dining in, as well as takeaway and delivery. The restaurant delivers delicious and fresh sushi in addition to its unique teriyaki combination boxes. In addition, it offers a variety of grilled meats and other Japanese dishes for those on the go. It is well-known for its hibachi meals, but its sushi is also excellent.

5. Sushi King

Sushi King

Sushi King is committed to providing its customers with fresh, delectable sushi rolls. Customers are assured that this establishment employs only natural and fresh ingredients. Here’s something you must try if you’re up for additional sushi research. Ever heard of the Crazy Monkey Roll? This sushi roll has fried bananas, tempura flakes, crab meat, mayo, and eel sauce. Even the mere concept of it is astounding.

6. Miyabi Sushi

Miyabi Sushi

Miyabi Sushi is a casual restaurant that makes you feel welcome the moment you walk through the door. It serves fresh and tasty sushi, tempura, and other classic Japanese foods in an informal setting. Guests are welcome to dine in the seating area or at the bar. The prices are modest and the portions are substantial. It’s a modest, reasonably priced sushi restaurant that serves above-average meals and drinks with dinner. You may dine in, order takeout, or choose delivery without human interaction.

7. Osaka Sushi & Steak

Osaka Sushi & Steak

Osaka Sushi & Steak provides its customers exquisite, fresh sushi, sashimi, and classic hand rolls in a cozy yet opulent atmosphere.  If you are new to this sushi restaurant, we strongly recommend their traditional maki rolls. Over the Huguenot bridge and next to River Road Shopping Center II, this sushi bar is ideal for dining after a day of shopping. However, it’s alright if you’re in a hurry. Osaki Sushi & Steak offers its customers a comprehensive takeout menu.

8. Level Restaurant & Bar

Level Restaurant & Bar

Level Sushi Restaurant & Bar is the second-best sushi spot in Richmond, Virginia. The restaurant’s specialized sushi rolls will elevate your sushi experience to the highest level.  Try this sushi restaurant’s Chesapeake Bay Roll with tempura shrimp, Kani, avocado, and black tobiko. However, you can always stick to the essentials. So, if you enjoy classics, we recommend the Tuna Avocado Roll, Spicy Yellowtail Roll, California Roll, and Vegan Roll.

9. Carytown Sushi

Carytown Sushi

Carytown Sushi is the favorite spot for sushi lovers. Do you have a craving for a quick sushi snack? Or do you wait till the end of the week to enjoy a premium sushi meal? Whatever it is, this sushi restaurant will surpass your greatest sushi fantasies. Carytown Sushi is thrilled to serve their guests sushi bar-fresh appetizers. Sushi or hand rolls, vegetable maki, and chef’s special rolls may comprise the entirety of the meal. Do you wish to bring a large group, such as your family, friends, and loved ones? The best option is the Sushi Bar Platter with miso soup served.

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10. Hiro Sushi

Hiro Sushi

Another addition to our list of the best sushi restaurants in Richmond, Virginia. Hiro Sushi warmly welcomes you to sample their sushi made with the freshest, finest ingredients and wrapped with affection. Do you want an appetizer that is unique and extraordinary? Try this establishment’s sushi pancake for a reasonable price. Choose the combo consisting of two pieces of sushi and three pieces of sashimi if you wish to satisfy your hunger. To complete your meal, you can always get their sushi entree.

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