Donald Trump is Set to Testify Nov. 6 in his New York Civil Fraud Trial

Donald Trump is Set to Testify Nov. 6 in his New York Civil Fraud Trial – Donald Trump is scheduled to give his testimony on November 6 in his New York civil fraud trial, and this follows the appearances of his three eldest children as witnesses. The case poses a threat to their family’s real estate empire, according to state lawyers who disclosed this information on Friday. It had already been anticipated that the former president, along with his sons Donald Jr. and Eric, would testify. 

The specific timing was clarified on Friday after Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that Ivanka Trump must also testify, rejecting her attempt to avoid it. This schedule sets the stage for a significant phase in the trial brought forth by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who alleges that the former president, currently the Republican front-runner for 2024, had consistently exaggerated his wealth on financial documents provided to banks, insurers, and others in order to secure loans and business deals.

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Trump vehemently denies any wrongdoing and has characterized the trial as a politically motivated sham. If the case proceeds, it could potentially result in Trump losing some of his corporate assets and prestigious properties, including Trump Tower. It’s worth noting that both Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron are Democrats.

In this legal battle, Donald Trump and his two sons are defendants, and the state is summoning them as witnesses before the defense begins presenting its case. Afterward, the defense also has the opportunity to call them to testify. In an unexpected development, Donald Trump briefly testified on Wednesday in response to questions from Judge Engoron regarding a comment made outside the courtroom, which was allegedly directed at his law clerk. 

The judge had previously prohibited trial participants from publicly discussing court staff. Trump stated that his comment was not aimed at the clerk, but Judge Engoron deemed his testimony not credible and imposed a $10,000 fine in addition to a previous $5,000 fine for an online post about the clerk. Trump’s legal team paid both fines on his behalf, but they may still consider appealing, as indicated in a court filing on Friday.

Donald Trump Jr. is scheduled to testify next Wednesday, Eric Trump on Thursday, and Ivanka on November 3. However, Ivanka’s lawyers may attempt to appeal to prevent her testimony. Ivanka was removed as a defendant in the lawsuit by an appeals court in June, as they deemed the claims against her to be too old. She had announced her departure from her role as an executive vice president at the Trump Organization in January 2017, before her father’s inauguration, and later served as an unpaid senior adviser in the Trump White House. 

After her father’s term ended, she relocated to Florida. Her lawyer, Bennet Moskowitz, told the judge Friday that state lawyers “just don’t have jurisdiction over her.” One of Donald Trump’s attorneys, Christopher Kise, maintained that state lawyers “just want another free-for-all on another of President Trump’s children.” “The idea that somehow Ms. Trump is under the control of the Trump Organization or any of the defendants, her father — anyone who has raised a daughter past the age of 13 knows that they’re not under their control,” Kise said.

Nevertheless, the state’s legal representatives contended that Ivanka Trump played a significant role in certain events relevant to the case and maintains financial and professional connections with the family business and its leaders. Judge Engoron supported the state’s position, referencing documents that demonstrated Ivanka Trump’s ongoing affiliations with certain New York-based businesses and her ownership of Manhattan apartments.

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During her tenure at the Trump Organization, Ivanka Trump was actively involved in negotiating and securing financing for various properties. This included tasks such as arranging a lease and loan for a Washington hotel, obtaining loans for Trump’s Doral golf resort near Miami, and facilitating financial arrangements for a Trump-owned hotel and condominium skyscraper in Chicago, as detailed in court documents.

The New York attorney general’s office asserts that Ivanka Trump maintained a financial interest in the Trump Organization’s activities even after her departure for the White House, which extended to her involvement in the previously sold Washington hotel. According to court records containing emails and other documents, state lawyers revealed that the Trump Organization and its staff handled various financial aspects for Ivanka Trump and her businesses. 

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This encompassed activities such as procuring insurance, managing her household staff and credit card expenses, renting her apartment, and covering her legal fees. In her 2021 federal disclosures, Ivanka reported an income of $2.6 million from Trump-related entities, which included revenue generated by a venture known as TTT Consulting LLC. A company bookkeeper testified that TTT was established for Ivanka and her brothers to share in the proceeds from certain licensing agreements.

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