Elon Musk Officially Rolls Out $8-a-Month Twitter Blue Subscription for Verification

Elon Musk Officially Rolls Out $8-a-Month Twitter Blue Subscription for Verification – As announced, Elon Musk’s Twitter stated Saturday that users can get verified with the once sought-after blue check for $7.99 a month. “Get Twitter Blue if you sign up now,” the announcement said. “Blue checkmark: Power to the people. Your account will get a blue checkmark, just like the celebrities, companies and politicians you follow.”

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“Coming soon…Half the ads & much better ones,” the statement added. “Since you’re supporting Twitter in the battle against the bots, we’re going to reward you with half the ads and make them twice as relevant.” Twitter also promised that users will be able to post longer videos and that there will be a “priority ranking for quality content.” Twitter Blue with verification is available on iOS in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UK, according to the company.

The change comes amid massive layoffs at the social media platform. Elon Musk’s dramatic decision to lay off half of Twitter’s workers on Friday was motivated by the firm’s severe financial situation, with the now-private corporation on course to lose $700 million in 2023 if he hadn’t cut expenditures, according to The Washington Post.

While the faltering social network made a minor loss last year, insiders close to the issue say that interest payments on the vast pile of debt that Musk used to finance the $44 billion acquisition deal will unleash a torrent of red ink in the coming year.


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