Elon Musk Says His New AI Firm Will Use Twitter Data

Elon Musk Says His New AI Firm Will Use Twitter Data – Elon Musk announced on Friday that his newly established artificial intelligence company, xAI, plans to utilize public tweets from Twitter as training data for its AI models. He also mentioned that xAI would collaborate with Tesla on AI software, highlighting the potential for mutual benefits and the acceleration of Tesla’s self-driving advancements. 

Notably, Musk has previously expressed concerns about other AI companies neglecting the potential risks to humans while developing the technology. During his announcement on Friday, Musk stated that xAI’s objectives included enhancing our comprehension of the universe and offering an alternative to Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI in attaining artificial general intelligence (AGI), which pertains to AI capable of problem-solving similar to humans. 

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Additionally, he made allegations against all AI companies, asserting that they unlawfully train their models using Twitter data. Musk, known for his advocacy of AI regulation, revealed that he has been actively seeking meetings with White House officials to discuss the imperative need for AI regulations. Furthermore, he highlighted the significance of regulating AI during his recent discussions with high-ranking government officials in China. 

Musk’s proactive approach in engaging with government entities demonstrates his commitment to raising awareness about the importance of establishing comprehensive regulations in the field of artificial intelligence. By emphasizing the need for regulation, Musk aims to address potential risks and ensure responsible development and deployment of AI technologies.


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