Eric Trump to Testify Again in Fraud Trial Against Trump Organization

Eric Trump to Testify Again in Fraud Trial Against Trump Organization – Donald Trump’s legal team is anticipated to summon Eric Trump to testify on Wednesday for the second time in the New York fraud trial involving the Trump Organization. In his previous testimony in early November, Eric Trump denied any connection to multiple financial documents and appraisals, including those he had endorsed or been consulted on. 

Notably, Eric Trump, along with his father and older brother, Donald Trump Jr., is a defendant in this trial. The trial, which commenced on October 2, is entering its final phase as the last witnesses, including those associated with the former US president, conclude their testimonies. Donald Trump is slated to return to the stand on December 11 as the trial’s ultimate witness.

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The family business faces a potential $250 million fine for unlawfully exaggerating asset values on state financial documents to enhance Donald Trump’s net worth. Judge Arthur Engoron holds the exclusive authority in this case, which lacks a jury. Engoron’s pre-trial ruling in September, if upheld by an appeals court, could result in the revocation of Donald Trump’s business licenses, significantly hindering the Trump family’s ability to operate in New York.

Following four weeks of witness testimony, Trump’s legal team has been working to establish their argument that he had flexibility in valuing his assets, asserting that the responsibility for accuracy lay with Trump’s accountants and lenders. Trump contends that the company’s financial statements had a clause rendering them “worthless” and insignificant to banks making loan decisions. 

Despite Engoron already dismissing this argument, Trump’s team persists in revisiting it during the trial. “These bankers were paid back in full, there was no harm, no anything, everybody got their money in full,” Trump said when he last took the witness stand on 6 November. “The banks don’t even know what they’re doing in this case.” 

When Eric Trump takes the stand, it will mark the first instance of a Trump family member testifying since November 13, when Donald Trump Jr. served as the defense team’s initial witness. During his testimony, Trump Jr. extensively praised the “sexiness” of the Trump Organization’s assets, delivering what sometimes felt like a real estate presentation. Reportedly, Trump intends to be present at the trial on Thursday, likely missing his son’s testimony. 

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He hasn’t been in court since he testified nearly a month ago. Throughout the trial, Trump has vehemently criticized the case, the judge, and the judge’s staff, consistently pushing the boundaries of a gag order imposed by Engoron. Last week, Trump went so far as to criticize Engoron’s wife, who has no involvement in the trial, referring to her as the judge’s “Trump-hating wife” on Truth Social.

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