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Ethereum Foundation’s Financial Report Discloses It Holds $1.6 Billion in Assets, 80.5% Held in Ether

Ethereum Foundation’s Financial Report Discloses It Holds $1.6 Billion in Assets, 80.5% Held in Ether – The Ethereum Foundation (EF) released a financial report on Monday, revealing that it presently has $1.6 billion in its treasury. Cryptocurrencies account for $1.3 billion of the Treasury’s holdings, while the balance is made up of non-crypto investments and assets.

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The Ethereum Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the Ethereum ecosystem’s development. According to the newly released EF April 2022 report, the EF supports the Ethereum ecosystem in a variety of ways.

EF builds teams dedicated to enhancing Ethereum and the network’s ecosystem – the non-profit also funds initiatives outside of the core EF teams with grants; it controls delegated domain allocation and it employs third-party funding strategies.

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The April 2022 report outlines the Ethereum Foundation’s treasury and financials after describing what it is and what it does. The EF now has $1.6 billion in its treasury, with $1.3 billion made up of digital currencies like ethereum (ETH).

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In fact, according to the EF report, ether accounts for 80.5 percent of the foundation’s crypto holdings, or 0.297 percent of the total ether supply. EF claims that it allocates a “conservative treasury” that is “immune to swings in the price of ethereum” even during multi-year crypto market downturns.

The non-profit is holding so much ether because it shows its belief in Ethereum’s future potential, and the assets represent that long-term vision, according to EF.

According to the EF report, the non-profit spent roughly $48 million last year, with $20 million of that going to external spending like grants.

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Ethereum Foundation’s Financial Report Discloses It Holds $1.6 Billion in Assets – The remaining funds were used to support Ethereum-based teams and initiatives. Layer one (L2) R&D,  Layer one (L1) research and development (R&D), community development, applied ZK research, and internal operations expenses were all divided up into several areas.

The Ethereum Foundation is one of many organizations that keep ether in a treasury. According to the research, 12 different corporations owned about $700 million in ethereum on their balance sheets.

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