Ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo Sued for Sexual Assault by Former Executive Assistant Brittany Commisso

Ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo Sued for Sexual Assault by Former Executive Assistant Brittany Commisso – Former governor Andrew Cuomo, who faced disgrace, is currently under a legal suit for sexual assault by his ex-executive assistant Brittany Commisso. The legal summons was filed just before the Adult Survivors Act deadline, as reported by The Post on Friday.

Commisso alleges that while she worked in the Executive Chamber as an executive assistant from 2019 through August 2021 her ex-boss subjected her to “humiliating and demeaning tasks, hugs, kisses, sexual touching of the buttocks and forcible touching of the breast.” The mother of one, married and part of the then-governor’s team since 2017, had accused Cuomo, aged 65, of groping her within the Executive Mansion. 

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This accusation resulted in a misdemeanor criminal complaint against the former governor. Allegedly, Cuomo initiated a retaliation campaign against her beginning on December 7, 2020, the day she rebuffed his attempt to involve her in sexual acts, as per the summons filed in Albany Supreme Court on Wednesday. And after she reported Cuomo’s alleged conduct on March 8, 2021, then-Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, “demoted her”.  

Resassigning her to “the demeaning task of answering telephones in the Lieutenant Governor’s office until moved to other offices,” the court filing claims. Commisso lost out on overtime pay, was “given little or no work,” and was ostracized from her co-workers. Her career opportunities purportedly took a hit, as stated in the documents.

The court papers identify the state and Cuomo’s special counsel, Judith Mogul, as accomplices in aiding and abetting Commisso’s mistreatment and demotion. Commisso’s summons was submitted just a day before the closure of the New York Adult Survivors Act window at the end of Thanksgiving day. This window suspended the statute of limitations for one year, enabling victims of abuse to file a lawsuit, irrespective of the age of their claims.

In 2022, the Albany County district attorney dismissed the criminal sexual assault case. Cuomo resigned in August 2021 amid numerous misconduct allegations, including accusations from a female state trooper who alleged inappropriate touching. This specific case is currently pending in Brooklyn federal court. Cuomo faces accusations from 11 women who worked under him, alleging sexual harassment or mistreatment, which he has consistently denied.

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In March, a former assistant to Cuomo, Charlotte Bennette, filed a lawsuit reiterating claims from a previous federal case. The lawsuit, still awaiting resolution, alleges that Cuomo made a joke about being investigated for sexual harassment related to an incident involving her. The pending suit also accuses him of posing invasive questions about her sex life and expressing loneliness, stating he was open to dating someone over 21. 

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Additionally, the Democratic figure faced accusations of concealing accurate nursing home death figures during the pandemic. Cuomo successfully secured state coverage for all his legal challenges, with taxpayers covering $20 million in legal fees linked to state and federal investigations into him and his administration. Cuomo lawyer Rita Glavin blasted Commisso’s suit as a money grab.

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