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Expert NFT Predictions For 2022

NFT Predictions – Non-fungible tokens must be monitored by small firms (NFTs). Consider passes to actual or virtual events, access to reports and rewards, as well as spa and gym memberships. These are digital assets with blockchain-based ownership and value.

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Small Business Trends received some industry forecasts from PolyientX’s Head of Product, Nick Casares. And there are other reasons why small business owners and entrepreneurs should be aware of NFTs.

He argues, “NFTs are a tech trend worth tracking,” noting that this embryonic digital asset gained traction last year. “They make proving ownership and representing a range of rare things straightforward.”

They don’t have an expiration date. While they might be resold without the authorization of the merchant, secondary sales bring in new customers.

What Are NFTs?  

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NFT Industry Predictions

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are cryptographic tokens that exist in chunks on a blockchain. They’re utilized in a virtual capacity for real-world commodities like artwork, music, and even real estate.

Because NFTs are not identical to one another, they cannot be sold or swapped like cryptocurrencies.
Consider a baseball card collection or a rare coin collection. NFTs create scarcity in assets that would otherwise be infinitely available.

They’re usually used to buy and trade digital goods like tweets, artwork, gaming skins, and virtual real estate.

NFT sales reached $2.5 billion in the first half of 2021, indicating that the year will be a year of growth.

NFT Predictions In 2022

The first prediction Casares makes is to be careful. Many of the successful enterprises, he believes, are riding a bubble that is both good and bad.

“While this has been helpful for growth and publicity,” he said, “market hysteria has fostered cash-grab enterprises.” “These don’t have a plan or the capability to offer “more than a JPG.”

The small business push, on the other hand, is already underway. Casares mentions one industry leader who has joined the team.

“Wise SMB owners keep a careful eye on the headlines. Also, search for opportunities to try out new technology,” he advises. “NFT capabilities were recently disclosed by Shopify, the largest e-commerce service for small businesses.”

However, certain businesses should explore an NFT right now.

“In the short future, industries that cater to subscription-based income streams like membership passes and recurring services will find an NFT.”

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NFT Industry Predictions

His other NFT Predictions are as follows:

A centralized NFT exchange that will catalyze the next wave of cryptocurrency adoption

“For most users, the thought that there is no centralized authority for account recovery is frightening and strange,” Casares explains. He goes on to say that NFTs will make use of the crypto toolset. “In terms of security, it’s a trade-off.” It will, however, make onboarding new users a lot easier.”

A “virtual land grab,” in which people compete to build and own new metaverses

“Big businesses, celebrities, and influencers will help bring the metaverse story into the public.”

In the metaverse, customers will be able to mimic their own particular style

Clothing and fashion will take on a “digital twin” appearance.
It’s important for business owners to realize that this technology is still in its infancy. Despite the fact that NFTs are still evolving, it is apparent that they are not suitable for all enterprises. Not yet, at least.

“Regulated service providers like CPAs, attorneys, and engineers would be prudent to tread gingerly,” Casares says. Because the regulatory framework is still evolving.”

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He also gives some suggestions for business owners

“NFT technology is progressing swiftly, but it remains highly specialized and susceptible to technical problems. “For SMBs piloting this technology, a strong development partner is critical,” he says. “Deep due diligence entails evaluating references and researching the team’s history. Examining social profiles and, of course, the quality of past work, are equally crucial.”

Finally, Casares believes NFT will follow in the footsteps of ecommerce and smartphones.
“Entrepreneurs that invest now and pay their dues will be in a strong position to lead the new internet.

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