Four People Shot During High School Football Game in Oklahoma

Four People Shot During High School Football Game in Oklahoma – Authorities reported that during a Friday night high school football game in Oklahoma, four individuals were shot, and a police officer discharged their weapon. The incident took place at a game between Choctaw High School and Del City High School, prompting a response from officers after a shooting report around 10:30 pm, as stated by Choctaw Police Chief Kelly Marshall.

Following the incident, the injured victims were swiftly transported to a hospital, each bearing gunshot wounds. Among them, one individual received treatment for a thigh wound and was subsequently released. Regrettably, the conditions of the remaining three victims had not been promptly ascertained, according to Kelly Marshall, the Choctaw police chief.

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Apart from those directly affected by the shooting, Marshall disclosed that an additional individual sought medical attention for a suspected broken leg. Although it has been confirmed that at least one of the wounded individuals was a student, the initial phase of the investigation was marked by uncertainty regarding the ages and student status of all victims, as reported by Marshall.

While law enforcement managed to obtain a description of a male suspect who had fled the scene, no arrest had been made as of Friday evening, as stated by Marshall. Regarding the potential number of assailants involved, the situation remained unclear; however, reports indicated the presence of two muzzle flashes during the gunfire, according to Marshall’s account.

Loyd Berger, the Del City police chief, noted that off-duty Del City officers were present at the game, providing security. One of these officers discharged their weapon in response to the incident, fortunately sustaining no injuries in the process. “A Del City officer was involved in the shooting,” Berger said, adding that the Oklahoma county sheriff’s office will investigate the officer’s involvement in the shooting.


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