Giuliani’s Former Lawyers Sue him for $1.36M in Unpaid Legal Fees

Giuliani’s Former Lawyers Sue him for $1.36M in Unpaid Legal Fees – Rudy Giuliani is facing a lawsuit from his former attorneys who are alleging that he owes them $1.36 million in unpaid legal fees for their services during various controversies, some of which were linked to Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the election. Robert J. 

Costello, a close associate of Giuliani, and his law firm Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP, initiated the legal action on Monday in a Manhattan state court. This recent lawsuit further compounds the legal challenges faced by Rudy Giuliani, the former lawyer for Donald Trump, who has been personally financing his defense. Giuliani is currently dealing with charges in Georgia, where he surrendered to authorities at a Fulton County jail last month.

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These charges accuse him of conspiring with Trump to undermine the election by providing false information to state legislators and spreading misinformation about election fraud. Additionally, a federal judge ruled that Giuliani was responsible for defaming two Georgia election workers.

Adding to his legal woes, Giuliani’s former legal representatives have now turned against him, alleging that he hasn’t fulfilled his financial obligations for their legal services during these legal battles. Giuliani had previously made payments to the firm, despite their claim that he violated their retainer agreement. His most recent payment, made on September 14, amounted to $10,000. 

In total, the firm has invoiced him $1.57 million for services rendered from 2019 to 2023. “I can’t express how personally hurt I am by what Bob Costello has done,” Giuliani told a news outlet in a statement. “It’s a real shame when lawyers do things like this, and all I will say is that their bill is way in excess to anything approaching legitimate fees.” Insider initially reported about the lawsuit on Monday.

While Donald Trump has access to millions of dollars from various sources to support his legal battles, including significant amounts from his campaign funds, Rudy Giuliani does not share the same financial resources. Following his tenure as mayor, Giuliani generated income through consulting and legal ventures. 

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However, after assisting Trump in legal matters related to the 2020 election, his law license was suspended by a New York state court. As a potential indicator of financial difficulties, Giuliani listed his $6.5 million apartment for sale this summer, and his lawyers stated in court that he is in a precarious financial situation. Currently, he hosts a podcast titled “Common Sense” and a daily radio show.

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