Google Plans To Delete Millions of Abandoned Gmail Accounts Soon

Google Plans To Delete Millions of Abandoned Gmail Accounts Soon – If you possess an inactive Gmail account that you haven’t accessed recently, consider checking in this week. Google revealed earlier this year that it intends to delete neglected Gmail accounts on December 1, as they are vulnerable to hacks. Unused accounts are often targeted by hackers for scams, and they are less likely to have security measures like two-factor authentication enabled.

As of December 1, the company intends to initiate the deletion of accounts inactive for at least two years, beginning with those created but never utilized. This step, though appearing significant, is an extension of Google’s 2020 announcement to erase the contents of deserted accounts, encompassing services like Gmail and Google Photos. The account deletion scheduled for December will affect Gmail, Drive, Docs, Meet, Calendar, and Photos. 

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However, the company has clarified that at present, there are no intentions to delete accounts linked to YouTube or Blogger content. This strategic approach aims to preserve user content on these platforms while addressing inactivity issues on other services. Users with dormant accounts are encouraged to review and potentially reactivate them to avoid any unintended deletions. Google assured users of ample notifications in the months preceding account deletion, emphasizing proactive communication. 

Notifications are dispatched not only to the inactive account but also to any recovery email addresses on record. This precautionary measure aims to reach users through multiple channels, ensuring awareness and allowing them to take necessary actions before any deletion occurs. To ensure your account stays current, just log in. If you have dormant accounts, such as my spam account, it’s a good idea to set a reminder to check on them every few years.


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