House Republicans Urge Tighter Export Controls on Advanced Chips

House Republicans Urge Tighter Export Controls on Advanced Chips – Two prominent Republican representatives in the United States House of Representatives called on the Biden administration to enhance the implementation of export controls on advanced semiconductors destined for China.

In a letter directed to National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Representative Michael McCaul, who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Representative Mike Gallagher, who chairs the House Select Committee on China, argued that recent technological advancements by China’s leading semiconductor manufacturer underscore the importance of revisiting the comprehensive regulations introduced in 2022. 

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They stressed the necessity of addressing what they perceive as shortcomings or “loopholes” in the current rules. This letter comes in response to the launch of the Mate 60 Pro smartphone by Huawei Technologies, which features advanced chips produced by China’s Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), even in the face of U.S. sanctions.

McCaul and Gallagher stated in their letter: “The rules introduced on October 7 and the expanding capabilities of SMIC exemplify an inert and opaque bureaucratic system that lacks insight into China’s industrial strategy, fails to comprehend China’s military objectives, and exhibits a deficiency in technological comprehension. Additionally, it seems to lack the determination to take effective action.”

The lawmakers urged the Biden administration to update the existing regulations swiftly and take immediate action regarding Huawei and SMIC. They also recommended that the administration cut off Chinese companies’ access to powerful artificial intelligence chips accessible through cloud computing services.

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Furthermore, they underscored the significance of enforcing the administration’s current regulations, especially those that hinder U.S. officials from verifying Chinese enterprises’ adherence to U.S. export regulations. In essence, they emphasized the need for strict compliance and oversight.

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