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How The African Crypto Community Can Benefit From Wakanda Inu

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Wakanda Inu – Early bitcoin adopters in Africa have made incredible advances and advancements in the blockchain industry.

However, there had been no recognized crypto project from Africa before now, as practically all currencies and tokens had been produced in either the West or Asia.

Africans were primarily buying top of the coin and token market prior to the birth of this currency.

What is Wakanda Inu?

On November 6, 2021, Wakanda inu, an African meme token, was released.
Studying as be going on over the impact of the Wakanda inu meme coin, which was just launched in Africa.

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On CoinmarketCap, the token’s description reads:

”Wakanda inu is a collective meme effort born from humanity’s deep and warm consciousness. WKD is a digital meme token that represents the best aspects of what it means to be alive” in daily struggles and aspirations”.

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Ways In Which The African Crypto Community Can Benefit From Wakanda Inu

The benefits and effects of this currency upon the African crypto community are as follows:

1. The Wakanda Inu is a symbol of African identity

On November 15, 2021, Wakanda inu made her debut on Pancakeswap. Wakanda, a fictitious African powerful nation featured in Marvel’s Black Panther movie comic, is the inspiration for the token. 

It was immediately adopted by Africans in the crypto world, with 100,000+ holders in its first month. Africans connect with the token since they are proud of the fact that it was invented by Africans.

2. Wakanda has introduced cryptocurrency to multitudes of Nigerians and Africans

Many of the WKD holders are very new to the game. Their first cryptocurrency investment is the token. Nigeria and Africa are growing more open to the Blockchain world, which is a good indication.

3. Wakanda Inu has given African developers reputation and confidence

Certik audited Wakanda inu and found that it passed 80% of the tests, suggesting that it is safe and viable. Nigerian crypto initiatives were formerly viewed with suspicion and characterized as untrustworthy, with the likelihood that they were launched with the intention of “rug pulling.”

This explains the misgivings, questions, and early campaigns against purchasing Wakanda coins by various Nigerian crypto titans, especially after tokenomics revealed that one wallet held 76 percent of the total supply of Wakanda tokens.

The 76 percent tokens, on the other hand, are locked and will be burned to increase the token’s value, according to Wakanda’s designers. They kept their pledge and burned all 750 trillion tokens worth $150 million on December 7, 2021.

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4. Wakanda Inu has paved the way for the success of other African crypto initiatives

As a result of Wakanda inu’s success, other African companies are being launched into the global crypto realm. This will stimulate developers and investors.

We have exceptional developers that are creating coins with innovative use cases and solutions. Since the introduction of this currency, two other African projects have been built in succession. Caketools and Farmbit are two companies that provide interesting white papers and application cases.

5. Wakanda Inu has the ability to convert young Africans into multibillionaires

If Wakanda inu pulls another Shiba inu, many young Nigerians and Africans who purchase this currency will become financially self-sufficient the following year. Many people will become affluent, resulting in a positive economic impact.

Purchasers of presale tokens made a profit of over 50 times their initial investment. Poverty in Africa/Nigeria is a significant impediment to the region’s development and stability. Financially empowered young people can assist themselves and their family in escaping poverty.

They will create jobs and provide solutions to the perplexing problems that their surroundings faces.

What Does The Future Looks Like?

If the developers keep to the white paper and use the token distribution percentages for public sale, marketing, liquidity, charity, and development, Wakanda inu has a bright future. 

The plans to build an NFT marketplace, as well as farming, staking, and a DEX, will boost the token’s value and make its owners exceedingly wealthy.

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