Hunter Biden Sues IRS for Breaching his Privacy Rights Over Tax Affairs

Hunter Biden Sues IRS for Breaching his Privacy Rights Over Tax Affairs – On Monday, Hunter Biden initiated a lawsuit against the US Internal Revenue Service, claiming that the agency infringed upon his privacy rights during its examination of his tax matters. The professional endeavors of the son of the US president, Joe Biden, have become a focal point for Republican efforts to impeach his father, based on unverified accusations of wrongdoing.

Hunter Biden faces criminal charges regarding his tax affairs and a purchase of a gun. In his lawsuit against the IRS, filed in US district court in Washington DC, he said “whistleblower” agents disclosed information that should have remained private. “IRS agents have targeted and sought to embarrass Mr Biden via public statements to the media in which they and their representatives disclosed confidential information about a private citizen’s tax matters,” the suit said.

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It also described an “assault on Mr Biden’s rights involv[ing] the public disclosure of his confidential tax information during more than 20 nationally televised and non-congressionally sanctioned interviews and numerous public statements.” The suit added: “No government agency or government agent has free rein to violate his rights simply because of who [Hunter Biden] is.”

Hunter Biden is seeking $1,000 in damages “for each and every unauthorised disclosure of his tax return information”, as well as costs and attorney fees. Last week, Hunter Biden faced indictments related to a gun purchase that was initially shielded by a plea deal involving tax charges, which unraveled earlier this year. Now, it appears that Biden may encounter new tax charges from the special counsel investigating him, David Weiss, who serves as the US attorney for Delaware.

Additionally, on Monday, Abbe Lowell, Biden’s attorney, communicated in a letter to Jason Smith, the Republican chair of the House ways and means committee, as reported by the Washington Post, that accountants have determined Hunter Biden is actually owed a tax refund due to “overpayments of tax.” While there’s an ongoing Republican impeachment effort, it’s expected to be unsuccessful given the Democratic control of the Senate and the limited evidence uncovered. 

Nevertheless, the White House is vigorously defending against these allegations. On Monday, the White House impeachment war room pointed reporters to a Washington Post column by Ken Buck of Colorado, a conservative impeachment skeptic; a “comical Freudian slip” by Mike McCaul of Texas, the House foreign affairs chair who told Fox News “we don’t have the evidence now but we may find it later”; a New York Times report that said Republicans’ own witnesses “have undercut or pushed back against some of their major claims.”

And a link between James Comer of Kentucky, the House oversight chair driving impeachment, and a promoter of the QAnon conspiracy theory. But the Post also pointed to the strength of the Republican drive to link the president with his son in the public eye, when it profiled Garrett Ziegler, a 27-year-old Trump White House staffer turned “scorched-earth activist trying to take down Hunter Biden.”

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Ziegler, the Post said, “is at the vanguard of a sprawling network of Biden antagonists, from rightwing media organisations to congressional leaders to [pro-Trump, Make America Great Again] activists, that is focused intensely on the president’s son.” “They see Hunter Biden’s activities as his father’s biggest political vulnerability, a conclusion reflected in the House GOP’s recent decision to launch an impeachment inquiry.”

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