Interest in Real Estate Investments in Spain Grew 400%, With Some Using Crypto and Stocks as Payment Method

Interest in Real Estate Investments in Spain Grew 400% – Due to rising inflation expenses and war, the real estate market in Spain and Europe has been growing since last year, changing some projections about an economic recovery. According to data compiled by Europa Press, interest in the real estate market has grown by 400 percent since November, with many investors rushing to purchase houses without even seeing them.

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Some investors have even diverted funds from riskier investments like stocks and cryptocurrency to invest in the real estate industry. Rebeca Pérez, the creator and CEO of Inviertis, a website that allows people to invest in rented properties in Spain, shared her thoughts on the current status of the market.

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She explained:

To protect their investments, investors are withdrawing all of their money from the stock market and investing in real estate, a situation that has deteriorated since Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine.

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Crypto and stock investors, according to Pérez, perceive real estate properties as a much more stable investment with less volatility than stock or crypto markets, as well as the ability to get in and out of the market quickly due to high demand.

Due to the tremendous level of interest, some crypto investors have begun to acquire real estate using cryptocurrency rather than fiat money through banks. According to Perez, this can be quite appealing to some investors.

She elaborated:

“You can turn a dangerous investment into a safe one, and if you were lucky enough just to enter the crypto world in 2012, you could have bought a house for 200 euros.”

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However, there are still several stumbling blocks to overcome when using cryptocurrency for this type of transaction. Due to the volatility of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, these include calculating the taxes associated with the purchase and determining the price in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

These transactions are far more widespread in Latin America, where multiple houses have previously been sold for cryptocurrency and the assets are widely accepted as payment options.

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