Jim Jordan Nominated by House Republicans to Replace Kevin McCarthy as Speaker

Jim Jordan Nominated by House Republicans to Replace Kevin McCarthy as Speaker – Jim Jordan has been chosen as the Republican nominee for the role of House speaker by House Republicans, following a vote that pitted him against Georgia Representative Austin Scott. On Friday, reports from NBC News and The Hill confirmed that Jordan secured the nomination, defeating his opponent Austin Scott. 

This development came after Majority Leader Steve Scalise withdrew from the nomination process on Thursday evening. The election for the new House speaker is a significant event, given the recent outing of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy on October 3rd. Jordan, the current House Judiciary Committee chair, garnered 124 votes, whereas Rep. Scott received 81 votes, as reported by Axios. 

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To officially secure the speakership, Jordan will need the support of 217 Republicans during Monday’s speaker election. According to Representative French Hill, the final vote count was 152 in favor, 55 against, and 1 present, as reported by NBC News. According to NBC News, the House representatives have been advised “that no votes are expected in the House until approximately 6:00 p.m. on Monday, October 16.”

As the House Republicans wait to regroup and vote on Monday, Jordan has been conducting meetings with representatives who are holding out, according to a GOP aide, reports CNN. Additionally, Jordan told CNN reporters, he believes he’ll receive the 217 votes. “I think we’ll get 217 votes – that’s the quickest way to get unified and get to the floor,” said the Ohio congressman.

Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, was initially elected to Congress in 2006, serving as the representative for Ohio’s fourth district. He is also one of the founding chairmen of the conservative House Freedom Caucus. Before Kevin McCarthy’s tenure as Speaker, Jordan previously contested McCarthy for the speakership. Following Scalise’s withdrawal and prior to Rep. Scott’s entry into the race, the Georgia Congressman expressed his frustrations to CNN.

“We’ve got a very small group of people that they have to have everything their way. We had a group that sabotaged Speaker McCarthy and now we’ve had a group that sabotaged Steve Scalise, both of them great people,” said Scott. The Republican party will persist in voting until a candidate secures the majority. The House is diligently working to elect a new Speaker to avert an impending government shutdown and maintain the legislative duties of the branch.

Jordan’s recent surge in support came about after Scalise withdrew from the race, a decision he made following an unsuccessful attempt to gain more votes in a closed-door session on Thursday. This effort ended up costing him nearly a dozen supporters, especially in light of the initial vote where Scalise held the advantage with a 113-99 margin over Jordan.

“This country is counting on us to come back together. This House of Representatives needs a speaker and we need to open up the House again, but clearly not everybody is there, and there’s still schisms that have to get resolved,” Scalise said after his withdrawal, CNN reported. This ongoing competition takes place a decade after the House of Representatives conducted a recall vote.

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Lleading to the removal of the former Speaker McCarthy from the third-highest government position. Following this significant removal, and throughout the ongoing elections, Rep. Patrick McHenry has been serving as the temporary Speaker Pro Tempore. During this interim period, CNN reported that Republican representatives were contemplating bestowing additional powers upon McCarthy’s current stand-in.

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