Jurgen Klopp Blasts Bournemouth For Firing Scott Parker Following Liverpool’s Defeat

Jurgen Klopp Blasts Bournemouth For Firing Scott Parker Following Liverpool’s Defeat – After Scott Parker was fired from Bournemouth on Tuesday morning, Jurgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool, slammed out at the club’s management and expressed his sympathy to Parker.

When Scott Parker suffered three losses in a row, he was fired. On the opening weekend, Bournemouth overcame Aston Villa, then suffered 16-0 defeats to Manchester City, Arsenal, and Liverpool.

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Considering that Bournemouth Stadium executives took action so early in the season to maintain their Premier League position, Saturday’s 9-0 loss at Anfield was particularly painful. On the other side, Jurgen Klopp disapproved of the choice and accused Bournemouth’s owners of not giving James Packer the required financial assistance during the summer transfer window.

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When Jurgen Klopp heard that, he recognized how important it is for the football club to have the right owners at that time, he said at his news conference on Tuesday.

He went on to clarify that some teams are owned by countries while others, like themselves and possibly Arsenal, have a structure. He then mentioned three clubs: Nottingham, Fulham, and Bournemouth, which is challenging for a coach because he doesn’t remember them doing much.

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This summer, Bournemouth spent £24 million on new players, which was less than all 19 of their Premier League opponents combined. Throughout the transfer period, Liverpool spent about £100 million, with Darwin Nunez’s club-record deal of £85 million serving as the highlight for Jurgen Klopp’s team.

Even though it seemed like the Reds had plenty of time to complete their tasks, they have been under pressure to go back to the market in an effort to sign a midfielder. However, before the deadline on Thursday night, Jurgen Klopp knocked down rumors that there will be new additions at Anfield.

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He said: “I am not careful, we get told what is possible and what isn’t. That’s it. In this range we try to work it. There’s no criticism, we became champions in a season when we didn’t sign anyone. We have an existing team as well. All the players we have here we want to be here. I want to develop the club, the squad and be successful.”

Klopp added: “Let me say it like this, from time to time, I would like to risk a bit more (in the market) but I don’t decide that. We have a great team and we will really try to squeeze everything out of this season.”

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