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Lady Discovers Her Dad Created Anonymous Accounts to View Her Nudes on Snapchat and He’s one of Her Top Paying Customers

Lady Discovers Her Dad Created Anonymous Accounts to View Her Nudes – After discovering that her biological father had made bogus social media profiles and was paying to watch her explicit images and videos, she reported him to the police.

Karla Ramirez, 21, said her father had already been buying her OnlyFans content for more than a year through two accounts.

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She claimed she discovered her father was behind the accounts while having sex over the phone with an unidentified customer, only to hear her mother’s voice in the background.

Karla explained the scenario in a series of TikTok videos, saying that the man, who she later discovered is her father, failed to disable his microphone while on a paid sexual phone call with her.

When my dad, yes, my DAD has indeed been buying my OF through two different accounts, and was a personal client of mine on both accounts for almost a year, and the only way I found out is because he called me to ‘play with myself for $150 and I could hear my mother on the phone in the background,” she wrote on TikTok.

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Karla stated in a series of follow-up videos that she moved out of her parents’ house when she was 16 years old and hadn’t spoken to her father in years.

She admitted that she’d sensed something funny about that particular follower for a time after learning that he’d been following her pornographic content online.

“I should have just known,” she stated in one video. I should’ve sensed something wasn’t quite right from the start.”

She went on to say that she reported the awful incident to the police and then rushed to her parents’ house to confront her father.

She started yelling at her father at her parents’ house, claiming that he was trying to prove his innocence by denying that he had the accounts linked on his phone.

Karla claimed she never told her father why she was there, so “it was just so evident” why he was apologizing ahead of time.

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“I went inside and started pounding him,” she recalled. My mother was yelling at me to stop because I’m your daughter, you sick f**k. He was well aware of my presence. It was so self-evident. He already knew why I was there, and all he wanted to do was hide his arse.”

Karla went on to say that she believes her father has been using false Facebook and Snpachat identities to catfish her since she was in middle school.

She also claimed that when she was a little child, her father sexually attacked her and put her in a position to be molested.

In the video, she also revealed that her father allegedly sent her money to grade his d*ck on Snapchat.

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