McCarthy Says he Will Support Donald Trump in His 2024 Election Bid

McCarthy Says he Will Support Donald Trump in His 2024 Election Bid – Having declared his resignation from Congress this week, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has given his endorsement to Donald Trump for the presidency before the year’s end. “I believe Donald Trump will win, I believe that Republicans will gain more seats in the House, and that Republicans will win the Senate,” McCarthy told CBS News’ Robert Costa in a prerecorded preview of an upcoming interview.

“I will support President Trump,” he said when asked whether his warm words were an endorsement of the former president. McCarthy secured the speakership with 15 votes in January but was removed from his position in October when hard-right conservatives sought to replace him. They criticized his collaboration with Democrats to keep the government open, claiming it contradicted the agreed-upon Republican budget negotiation approach. 

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Despite Trump’s influence over a significant faction of populist conservatives in the House, he offered little support to thwart the effort against McCarthy. Their relationship has been tumultuous for years, with McCarthy initially holding Trump accountable for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot but later offering renewed endorsement by appearing at the former president’s side. 

As 2024 approaches, McCarthy seems poised to stand alongside Trump, while fellow Republicans on the Hill prepare for the possibility of another Trump presidency. Despite other contenders in the GOP primary race struggling to gain significant traction, Trump continues to dominate the field. Demonstrating further warmth toward the former president, the California Republican also expressed willingness to serve in a Trump cabinet, provided he secures a favorable position.

“In the right position, if I am the best person for the job, yes,” McCarthy said. “I worked with President Trump on a lot of policy. We worked together to win the majority.” The Trump campaign, unresponsive to an immediate comment request, issued a strongly-worded statement on Friday, cautioning allies against speculating on potential administration appointments. This message seemed to be a response to media reports suggesting Trump was considering selecting various far-right figures for prominent roles in a potential second administration.


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