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Meta Brings Metaverse-Like 3D Ads to Instagram and Facebook

Meta Brings Metaverse-Like 3D Ads to Instagram and Facebook – Meta is introducing interactive 3D ads to Instagram and Facebook feeds, inspired by the metaverse pivot the firm has begun to implement since its name change. The integration of Meta’s Augmented Reality publishing library with a Vntana development makes this possible.

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On Meta-owned platforms like Facebook and Instagram, publishers will be able to utilize 3D models in their advertisements. This invention will enable any publisher to integrate these metaverse-inspired adverts in their platforms’ feeds, with users being able to engage with the objects.

The idea was presented by Vntana, a firm that serves as a service provider for other companies to integrate their 3D materials into social feeds.

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According to a press release from the company, Vntana has exclusive access to Meta’s AR API to integrate their services in order to achieve this goal. From the news release, “3D advertising appears in users’ Facebook and Instagram feeds like traditional ads, displaying interactive 3D models that users can tap and engage with – moving the product around to study all aspects.”

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This innovation may be one of the first income strategies to include metaverse-like properties on Meta-owned sites. Vntana’s co-founder and CEO, Ashley Crowder, has this to say about it:

“For marketers trying to interact with the digital consumer, 3D and AR technology in online marketing is the next frontier, and it’s a terrific first step into the metaverse.”

She went on to suggest that by allowing more businesses to reach out to potential customers, this release will aim to democratize the ad space on these platforms. Customers will also benefit from the ability to view a more realistic model of these items in a 3D, metaverse-like manner.

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Chris Barbour, Meta’s head of Augmented Reality Business Development & Partnerships, said:

“3D and AR give up new advertising possibilities for retail and e-commerce businesses, improving the customer experience from the moment of purchase.”

Horizon Worlds, Meta’s core augmented reality software that allows users to participate in a range of metaverse activities, is still free to use. Meta could use this technology in the future to monetize the space and include advertisements from other brands.

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