Meta Debuts Generative AI Features for Advertisers

Meta Debuts Generative AI Features for Advertisers – Meta has unveiled its inaugural generative AI capabilities designed for advertisers. These tools empower advertisers to utilize AI for crafting backgrounds, resizing images, and generating multiple versions of ad text based on their original content. This announcement comes on the heels of Meta’s recent Meta Connect event, where they introduced groundbreaking mixed-reality headsets and a range of generative AI products, such as stickers, editing tools, and AI-powered smartglasses.

While these AI tools for advertising may not be as flashy as celebrity AIs, like virtual interactions with figures such as Mr. Beast or Paris Hilton, they exemplify Meta’s belief in how generative AI can assist the brands and businesses that contribute significantly to Meta’s revenue. The first of these new features enables advertisers to personalize their creative assets by generating various backgrounds to transform the appearance of their product images. 

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This functionality is reminiscent of Meta’s consumer-facing tool, Backdrop, which allows users to change image scenes or backgrounds using prompts. However, in the advertising toolkit, backgrounds are generated for advertisers based on their original product images and typically consist of “simple backgrounds with colors and patterns,” as explained by Meta. This feature is available to advertisers using the Advantage+ catalog to create their sales ads.

Another feature, image expansion, permits advertisers to adapt their assets to different aspect ratios required for various platforms, such as Feed or Reels. Also available to Advantage+ creatives in Meta’s Mads Manager, this AI feature streamlines the process of repurposing creative assets, including images and videos, for different platforms. With the text variations feature in Meta Ads Manager, AI can generate up to six different text variations based on an advertiser’s original copy. 

These variations can emphasize specific keywords and input phrases that advertisers want to highlight. Advertisers have the flexibility to edit the generated text or select the most suitable versions that align with their objectives. During campaigns, Meta can display different text combinations to different audiences to identify which ones elicit better responses. However, Meta does not provide performance details for each specific text variation, as reporting currently relies on a single ad. 

Nevertheless, advertisers can enhance ad performance by running more options, according to Meta. Meta has conducted preliminary testing of these AI features with a diverse group of advertisers, indicating that generative AI can save them at least five hours per week, equivalent to one month per year. However, Meta acknowledges the need for further refinement to better customize the generative AI output to match each advertiser’s unique style.

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Furthermore, Meta has hinted at the development of more AI features, including generating ad copy to emphasize selling points and creating generative backgrounds with tailored themes. Additionally, as announced at Meta Connect, businesses will soon be able to employ AI for customer messaging on WhatsApp and Messenger, enhancing e-commerce, engagement, and support.

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