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Meta, Microsoft, and Others Launch Metaverse Standards Group

Meta, Microsoft, and Others Launch Metaverse Standards Group – An association to support the development of open standards for metaverse technology has been founded by Meta, Microsoft, and 31 additional companies. The organization, known as the Metaverse Standards Forum, will concentrate on creating standards to make all of the online metaverses compatible, ideally allowing these worlds to connect.

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Some believe it is crucial to connect these distinct worlds even if the metaverse is a vague idea that each firm understands and constructs according to its own desire. This is why the Metaverse Standards Forum, a group established to encourage the interoperability of different metaverses, was founded by Meta, Microsoft, and other businesses including Epic Games.

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According to the launch PR statement:

“To accelerate the testing and adoption of metaverse standards while simultaneously creating consistent terminology and deployment instructions, the body will concentrate on practical, action-based projects like implementation prototyping, hackathons, plugfests, and open-source tooling.”

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The forum won’t develop norms on its own. The organization will serve as a focal point for the fusion of many Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) in disciplines such as virtual reality (VR), graphics, and interfaces, among others.

Some people interpret the formation of this group as a sign that these businesses agree on the significance of developing open standards for the idea of the metaverse. President of one of the group’s organizations, Khronos, Neil Trevett, commented on this as follows:

“A constellation of interoperability standards, developed and maintained by numerous standards groups, will be needed because the metaverse would bring together various technologies.”

There are several well-known individuals who have not joined the group, despite the fact that the organization claims to be open and free to all interested parties. The forum is still without Apple, one of the top tech corporations in the world with interest in VR and AR (augmented reality) technology. Roblox and other prominent gaming-based metaverses are still absent.

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The standardization of the metaverse, or the collection of worlds that make up the metaverse, will be a difficult endeavor given the range of businesses constructing platforms geared towards it, according to some experts, even with an organization advocating norms on the topic.

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