Meta Opens Monetization Options to Users of Horizon Worlds

Meta Opens Monetization Options to Users of Horizon Worlds – Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is launching a trial project that will allow users of its VR metaverse platform, Horizon Worlds, to monetize their creations.

This trial will enable a number of users to collect money for access to their virtual worlds or virtual items sold there. Meta will also take a cut of the sales, which is expected to be up to 50% of the price.

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Horizon Worlds, Meta’s flagship virtual reality metaverse experience, is starting to gain traction. Meta has decided to monetize the experience after launching in December 2021 and seeing considerable growth, with its user base increasing tenfold in just three months.

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Horizon Worlds had hit a milestone of 300,000 monthly active users in February, with over 10,000 worlds built at the time, but it still hadn’t figured out how to benefit from its success.

The business is now rolling out a test program that will allow some platform developers to sell virtual goods or charge for access to their experiences.

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The firm did not provide an exact number of creators who will be involved in this first round, just stating that there will be a handful. The objective is to create an open market in which all users can gain from the availability of user-generated content.

Meta, of course, will not open these possibilities without a share of the profit. After paying store expenses, the corporation set up a 30% commission for each sale.

This can be difficult to measure, but according to The Verge’s calculations, creators would receive somewhat more than half of the proceeds from each sale of a virtual object or access to a virtual environment.

This, according to Meta, is an adequate approach that allows stores to profit. Vivek Sharma, Meta’s VP of Horizon, commented on this:

“We believe that it is a market-competitive pricing. We feel that other platforms should be permitted to participate.”

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Aside from one instance in which Horizon Worlds featured a Wendy’s themed experience called the Wendysverse, Meta has avoided integrating adverts into Horizon Worlds.

However, Horizon’s product marketing director, Meaghan Fitzgerald, has suggested that advertisements “could be an area we want to examine in the future.” Companies can now publish metaverse-inspired ads on several of their platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

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