Meta Will Let Users Unlink Facebook and Instagram in the EU

Meta Will Let Users Unlink Facebook and Instagram in the EU – In the coming weeks, EU-based Facebook users will receive notifications from Meta, offering them the choice to detach Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and other services. However, opting for this separation will have some drawbacks.

Under the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), Facebook, along with companies like Meta, Microsoft, and Amazon, will be regulated to address concerns related to their significant influence. Starting March 2024, these companies must provide users with increased options, allowing them to choose alternative services or specific components of core services.

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Facebook is set to meet the compliance deadline ahead of schedule. In a recent blog post, the social network outlined the choices users will have and the repercussions of those choices. Soon, users will be able to detach Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Marketplace, and Facebook games, creating separate accounts not linked to Facebook. 

This separation ensures that information is no longer shared between the respective services. Similarly, you have the option to separate Facebook and Messenger, forming a new “Messenger-only” account. While core features like private messaging, chat, voice, and video calling will remain accessible, some other features may be unavailable. 

Additionally, instant messaging with new Facebook friends won’t be possible as that information is not shared in this setup. When you unlink Facebook from Marketplace, most functionalities will remain unchanged, but you will no longer have access to Messenger for buying processes. Instead of using Messenger to communicate with buyers or sellers, you’ll need to resort to sending emails.

Unlinking Facebook from Gaming results in more significant limitations. According to Meta, a standalone Gaming account can only engage in “some” single-player games. While the specifics of which games are included weren’t explained, it was clarified that multiplayer games would not be accessible.

Opting to maintain the status quo allows you to use any or all of these interconnected services without alterations to their behavior or synergy. Essentially, you’re granting Facebook permission to utilize your information in the same manner it always has, for better or worse. Another choice available is Meta’s recently introduced ad-free subscription service, now available in the EU, EEA, and Switzerland. 

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Subscribing ensures that your information won’t be utilized for ads. However, it comes at a considerable cost, approximately $10.50 per month for web subscriptions and a higher fee if you choose to subscribe through an app. These alternatives won’t be available in the US because there’s no equivalent law to the DMA, and Meta isn’t in a rush to provide them voluntarily. US users, however, will still benefit from the capability to delete Threads without deleting Instagram, addressing a long-awaited feature.

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