Miami Mayor Francis Suarez to Accept Presidential Campaign Donations in Bitcoin

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez to Accept Presidential Campaign Donations in Bitcoin – Miami Mayor Francis Suarez revealed that he will welcome contributions to his presidential campaign in bitcoin (BTC), showcasing his Bitcoin-friendly stance. “Officially, my campaign is accepting bitcoin,” Suarez said. “This is a process of developing technologies that are going to create democratizing opportunities for wealth creation and are not manipulated by a human being’s ulterior motives, political goals, etc.” he said.

Supporters can donate as little as 0.00034 bitcoin, or the equivalent of $1, at, he said. Suarez was critical of the Biden administration’s handling of crypto. “The biggest mistake that this administration has made is they don’t understand crypto, so they have gone to a regulated-by-enforcement mechanism as opposed to setting the ground rules,” Suarez stated. 

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“You have to be able to classify certain digital products, you have to be able to have certain guidelines and rules that are clear with respect to the custody of assets.” Suarez also said that he would ban a central bank digital currency. “Nobody wants the federal government knowing where you have your money and how much money you have. I don’t think that there’s anything particularly innovative about that,” he said.

Suarez, a Republican, declared his bid for the presidency in June, joining a competitive race for the GOP nomination that includes front-runners Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Given his longstanding advocacy for digital assets, particularly bitcoin, it’s no surprise that the Miami mayor is now allowing bitcoin payments for donations. He believes in the democratizing impact of bitcoin on the future of wealth for all Americans and aims to make Miami a thriving bitcoin hub, even accepting his salary in bitcoin.

Suarez has previously ventured into the world of crypto assets, launching MiamiCoin (MIA) in 2021. His vision for the coin was to provide a recurring bitcoin stimulus to Miami citizens, akin to dividends for shareholders. Although MiamiCoin’s value has faced challenges, Suarez remains deeply committed to the crypto industry. He argues that the country requires a president well-versed in crypto and artificial intelligence technologies.


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