Minnesota Supreme Court Rejects Effort to Keep Trump From 2024 Primary Ballot

Minnesota Supreme Court Rejects Effort to Keep Trump From 2024 Primary Ballot – Minnesota’s Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit aiming to prevent Donald Trump from appearing on the 2024 primary ballot, citing his involvement in an insurrection as a disqualifying factor. The court acknowledged the relevance of the issue but deemed it unfit for consideration during the primary election focused on nominating candidates.

“Although the secretary of State and other election officials administer the mechanics of the election, this is an internal party election to serve internal party purposes, and winning the presidential nomination primary does not place the person on the general election ballot as a candidate for president of the United States,” the court’s opinion reads.

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The Minnesota court, after hearing arguments on November 2, promptly issued an order on Wednesday, permitting election officials to proceed with preparations. In accordance with Minnesota law, there is no prohibition preventing a political party from including an ineligible candidate in their presidential primary, so allowing Trump’s name on the ballot is not an impending error.

The court allowed the plaintiffs the opportunity to file similar claims concerning the general election, where applicable rules are in place. The lawsuit, brought by voters and a left-leaning group called Free Speech for People, claimed a clause in the 14th amendment makes it illegal for Trump to hold office because he was an “officer of the United States” who “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” against the country.

Numerous comparable lawsuits across states aim to prevent Trump from being on the ballot. It’s anticipated that one of these cases, though uncertain which, will reach the US Supreme Court. The plaintiffs must demonstrate how the seldom-invoked law from the reconstruction era applies to Trump, alleging his involvement in insurrection or rebellion.


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