Montana Legislators Pass bill Banning TikTok From Operating in State

Montana Legislators Pass bill Banning TikTok From Operating in State – On Friday, Montana legislators approved a bill that prohibits the social media platform TikTok from operating in the state. Although this decision is expected to encounter legal obstacles, it will also act as a pilot project for the idea of a TikTok-free America that many federal lawmakers have proposed.

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The bill will now be presented to Republican Governor Greg Gianforte for his review. The legislation passed in the state house with a 54-43 vote, and it goes beyond the prohibitions already imposed by nearly half of the states and the US federal government that ban TikTok on government devices. In Montana, the app is already prohibited on state-owned devices.

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A TikTok spokesperson, Brooke Oberwetter, said in a statement: “We will continue to fight for TikTok users and creators in Montana whose livelihoods and first amendment rights are threatened by this egregious government overreach.” The bill’s supporters “have admitted that they have no feasible plan for operationalizing this attempt to censor American voices and that the bill’s constitutionality will be decided by the courts”, Oberwetter said.

There is a growing concern about TikTok, a social media platform owned by the Chinese technology company ByteDance, and the possibility of it sharing user data with the Chinese government. This concern has been accompanied by fears that the platform may also promote pro-Beijing propaganda and misinformation to its users. Leaders at the FBI, CIA, and several lawmakers from both parties have expressed these concerns, but so far, no concrete evidence has been presented to support the allegations. 

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These concerns have led to intense scrutiny of TikTok’s operations and policies, with some calling for a ban on the app in the United States. The potential threat to national security posed by the sharing of user data with foreign governments cannot be overlooked, and this issue has become a major topic of discussion and debate. The lack of evidence to support the allegations against TikTok has created a level of uncertainty and skepticism, but the concerns surrounding the app are still being taken seriously.

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However, the debate over TikTok’s potential risks and benefits continues, with many people advocating for greater oversight and regulation of the platform. Those who advocate for a ban on TikTok highlight two Chinese laws that require companies operating within the country to assist the government with intelligence-related activities. TikTok, on the other hand, has stated that its servers storing data on American users are located in Texas.

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