Montana Republican Senate Candidate Criticized for Racist Facebook Posts

Montana Republican Senate Candidate Criticized for Racist Facebook Posts – The US Senate campaign of Tim Sheehy, a Montana Republican, has faced defensive measures after the emergence of offensive social media posts that he is accused of writing, which contain misogynistic and racist content. Sheehy is considered a prominent candidate within his party and a key contender in their efforts to gain control of the Senate in the upcoming elections. 

He is seeking the Republican nomination to challenge Jon Tester, who is perceived as one of the Democrats with a higher vulnerability in seeking re-election. The surfacing of the old Facebook posts threatens to damage the reputation of the former US Navy Seal, an ally of Donald Trump who describes himself on a campaign fundraising website as a “businessman, a husband, a father, and a humble servant of God”.

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The revelations and screenshots of the posts were published on Tuesday night by Insider, which said Sheehy’s old Facebook profile – since taken down – was “full of questionable photos”, including “lewd photos of women, a caricature of Middle Eastern people, and homoerotic jokes.” In another, Sheehy appears dressed in a white robe and keffiyeh, alongside friends dressed as Iraq’s former president Saddam Hussein, who was executed in 2006 for crimes against humanity.

Sheehy launched his campaign last month and faces a “competitive primary” for his party’s Senate nomination, according to the Montana Free Press. Among his likely opponents, Politico said, is conservative state lawmaker Matt Rosendale, a “rabble rouser” who lost to Tester in 2018 by almost 4% in a state Trump won handily in the 2016 and 2020 presidential races.

Democrats have accused Sheehy, a millionaire businessman with roots in Minnesota, as an “out of state transplant” recruited by Republican leadership specifically to challenge Tester. “Jon Tester has farm equipment that’s been in Montana longer than Tim Sheehy,” Monica Robinson, a spokesperson for the state Democratic party, told the Free Press.


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