Music Festivals With Camping Options in the USA

Looking for the perfect music festivals with camping options in the USA? Music festivals have evolved into a cultural phenomenon, providing a distinctive blend of live music, vibrant communities, and the beauty of nature. For those seeking an immersive and unforgettable adventure, attending a music festival with camping options is the ultimate way to revel in the rhythm and melodies. 

In the United States, a country known for its diverse landscapes and musical talents, there are numerous festivals that offer camping facilities, allowing attendees to create lasting memories. As a music enthusiast, nothing compares to the experience of attending a live music festival featuring your favorite artists. Outdoor festivals provide the opportunity to witness multiple performances in one place, eliminating the need to wait for individual tours. 

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Due to the large number of attendees these events attract, they are often situated in remote locations. This is where having an RV becomes advantageous. However, it’s important to note that not all festival grounds permit RV camping. For many of us, combining RV camping with live music during summertime is an unbeatable combination. Embarking on a vanlife or RV journey allows for a wealth of options when it comes to attending fabulous open-air music festivals in the U.S. 

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Here are the top 10 music festivals with camping options in the USA:

1. Bonnaroo – September – Manchester, TN


Bonnaroo, a renowned music festival with camping options in the USA, has been captivating music enthusiasts for nearly two decades. If you can handle the crowds, this festival is a must-attend. The reason behind the massive turnout is simple: Bonnaroo boasts an exceptional lineup. Similar to Coachella, Bonnaroo is packed with star power, catering to diverse musical tastes ranging from hip hop to punk rock to electronic music. With such a variety of genres, it’s guaranteed that no member of your group will be disappointed.

Beyond the music, Bonnaroo offers an array of activities for those seeking a break. Engage in a 5K race, practice yoga, or cool off on an inflatable water slide to beat the summer heat. Keep in mind that this festival is quite popular, so expect it to be relatively more expensive compared to other options on this list. If you prefer RV camping, various ticket options are available based on your budget. Each RV site measures 20 by 50 feet and allows for tent setups as long as they fit within the designated space.

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2. Country Thunder – October – Florence, AZ

Country Thunder

Country Thunder is one of the top music festivals in the USA that offers camping options. It specifically caters to country music enthusiasts, making it an ideal choice for fans of the genre. Country Thunder has established itself as a prominent brand, organizing multiple festivals across various states throughout the year, including Florida and Iowa. The festival attracts renowned country music artists like Eric Church and Luke Combs, ensuring an unforgettable experience for attendees. 

In addition to live performances, there are additional attractions such as a line dancing competition and DJs, providing a diverse range of entertainment beyond country music. Country Thunder spans over four days, offering different camping areas to suit individual preferences. Whether you desire the ultimate luxury experience or a more traditional camping setup, there are options available to accommodate your needs. 

If you’re traveling in an RV, the festival provides waste services and a dedicated contact number for assistance. Attending Country Thunder could even be integrated into a broader 7-Day Arizona Adventure, allowing you to explore the region while enjoying the festival’s music and camping offerings.

3. Firefly – September – Dover, DE

Firefly Music Festival

Located in Delaware, the Firefly Music Festival is a relatively recent addition to the music festival scene, offering a unique experience in a forested landscape. It stands out as an excellent choice for individuals seeking a camping music festival away from the traditional desert locations. Similar to Bonnaroo, Firefly curates a lineup that features popular pop acts and mainstream favorites. 

Aside from the impressive musical performances, Firefly offers additional attractions, including a Silent Disco and brewery tastings, providing attendees with a variety of activities to enjoy. For those interested in RV camping, there are multiple tiers available, each offering different amenities.

4. Old Settler’s – October – Tilmon, TX

Old Settler’s Music Festival

Old Settler’s, one of the top music festivals with camping options in the USA, stands out as the ultimate choice for festival-goers who prefer a cozy campfire jam. This festival caters to bluegrass folk enthusiasts and has hosted renowned artists such as Jason Isbell and Brandi Carlile. The picturesque location with its enchanting woodlands and rolling hills perfectly complements the laid-back atmosphere.

Moreover, Old Settler’s transcends being solely a music festival by attracting artists who showcase and sell their work, making it a delightful arts festival as well. To camp on the festival grounds, all you need is an RV parking permit, which is well worth the investment. Many attendees particularly appreciate Old Settler’s for its RV camping facilities, and if you don’t own an RV, local companies offer convenient rental options specifically for this event.

5. Lightning in a Bottle – May – Bakersfield, CA

Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle (LIB), one of the standout music festivals with camping options in the USA, caters to the artistic and eclectic souls. This festival is renowned for its exceptional and distinct offerings, setting it apart from the mainstream. While it may not appeal to those with conventional musical tastes, devoted fans flock to LIB for its unparalleled art installations and charming boutique stalls. For those seeking a camping experience, LIB provides RV camping facilities, giving attendees the choice of opting for power hook-ups or embracing the adventure of boondocking.

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6. Rocklahoma – September – Pryor, OK

Rocklahoma MUsic Festival

Rocklahoma is the ideal choice for music enthusiasts who have an insatiable appetite for rocking out. As one of the best music festivals with camping options in the USA, it guarantees an electrifying experience with music turned up to the maximum volume. With past headliners like Disturbed, Seether, Korn, and Steel Panther, you can anticipate an exhilarating lineup. When it comes to camping, your pass includes a generous 20 by 40 feet space. It is important to note that you must ensure your entire vehicle fits within this allocated space, as each site permits only one vehicle.

7. Peach Music Festival – July – Scranton, PA

Peach Music Festival

Nestled within the stunning Montage Mountain Ski Resort, this music festival stands out as the ultimate choice for classic rock aficionados seeking a camping experience. Notably, it was established by the legendary Allman Brothers themselves, adding to its allure. The festival’s location at the resort provides a unique perk – your pass grants you access to the resort’s water park, allowing you to unwind and cool off amidst the summer music festivities.

To enjoy the convenience of RV camping, all you need is to acquire an RV Parking Pass. Additionally, each member of your group must have their own Festival Pass and Camping Bundle. Multiple tiers are available, allowing you to select the one that best suits your budgetary preferences.

8. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival – Indio, California

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Coachella is more than just a music festival; it’s a cultural phenomenon that draws attendees from all over the world. Situated in the breathtaking California desert, Coachella boasts an impressive lineup of renowned artists, ranging from alternative rock to electronic dance music.

The festival offers camping options, allowing visitors to stay on-site and fully immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere. With art installations, gourmet food, and an unbeatable musical experience, Coachella offers a truly unforgettable camping festival experience.

9. Electric Forest Festival – Rothbury, Michigan

Electric Forest Festival

For those seeking a mystical and immersive adventure, Electric Forest Festival is a haven of enchantment. Nestled within the Sherwood Forest, this unique festival is renowned for its extraordinary light displays, captivating art installations, and an awe-inspiring lineup of electronic music acts.

Camping at Electric Forest feels like stepping into a fairy tale, as attendees create their own magical campsites amidst the trees. The festival encourages creativity and community, making it a truly transformative experience for all who attend.

10. Telluride Bluegrass Festival – Telluride, Colorado

Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Nestled in the heart of the breathtaking San Juan Mountains, the Telluride Bluegrass Festival is a celebration of folk, roots, and Americana music. This four-day extravaganza takes place in a stunning natural amphitheater and offers camping options that allow attendees to soak in the beauty of the Colorado Rockies.

The festival encourages jam sessions, impromptu performances, and an inclusive atmosphere that fosters a sense of community. Telluride Bluegrass Festival is an idyllic combination of world-class music and awe-inspiring natural surroundings.

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As you plan your musical escapades, remember to consider the various music festivals with camping options in the USA. Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy, connect with like-minded individuals, and revel in the stunning landscapes that serve as backdrops to these extraordinary events.

From the heart-pumping beats of rock festivals to the soulful melodies of folk gatherings, there’s a festival to suit every musical taste. As you pitch your tent or park your RV, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a community of passionate music lovers, all there to share in the joy of live performances under the open sky.

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