Netflix Expands Crackdown on Password Sharing Around the World

Netflix Expands Crackdown on Password Sharing Around the World – Netflix has recently extended its efforts to curb password sharing to over 100 countries, including the United States. Users have been notified that sharing their accounts with individuals outside their households will no longer be allowed without cost. As the streaming video industry leader, Netflix has been exploring various strategies to generate revenue amidst market saturation, such as implementing restrictions on password borrowing and introducing an ad-supported subscription option.

Netflix has announced that it will be sending out emails to customers in 103 countries and territories, including major regions like the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, and Brazil. These emails will emphasize that a Netflix account should strictly be used within a single household. If paying customers wish to include someone outside of their residence, they can do so by paying an extra fee. In the United States, this additional fee amounts to $8 per month.

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In addition, Netflix offers the option for members to transfer a user’s profile, allowing them to retain their viewing history and personalized recommendations. Last year, Netflix announced its plans to restrict account sharing and began testing different methods in select markets. The company estimated that over 100 million households had shared their login information with friends and family residing outside of their own homes. 

As of the end of March, Netflix had a total of 232.5 million paying subscribers worldwide. According to the new policies introduced by Netflix, individuals who reside within the same household can still share a single Netflix account. Moreover, these account holders are allowed to utilize the account across multiple devices, even when they are traveling. 

This means that family members or individuals living together can enjoy the convenience of accessing their shared Netflix subscription on different devices, ensuring an uninterrupted streaming experience regardless of their location. Netflix aims to provide flexibility and convenience to its users while maintaining the integrity of account sharing within a household.


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