Nikki Haley to Launch $10m Ad Campaign in Bid to Overtake Ron DeSantis in GOP Fight

Nikki Haley to Launch $10m Ad Campaign in Bid to Overtake Ron DeSantis in GOP Fight – Nikki Haley’s bid for the presidency plans to allocate $10 million for advertising on television, radio, and digital platforms in Iowa and New Hampshire, starting in early December. This substantial investment aims to position the former UN ambassador ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during a pivotal phase in the GOP nomination contest.

The specifics of the advertising strategy, marking the inaugural reservation for the Haley campaign, were acquired by The Associated Press in advance of an anticipated public disclosure on Monday. As it stands, Haley’s intended investment surpasses DeSantis’s current advertising reserves for the corresponding timeframe by more than fivefold, as reported by the media tracking firm AdImpact.

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Haley’s strategic move is part of her effort to establish herself as the prominent alternative to former President Donald Trump in representing the GOP against President Joe Biden in the upcoming fall. DeSantis poses as her primary competition for the party’s second-place position, yet his campaign faces financial challenges following a tumultuous summer.

Despite Trump’s continued dominance in the GOP primary, rival campaigns are banking on becoming the primary alternative, aiming to consolidate enough support to mount a robust challenge or potentially replace him if he encounters setbacks. Trump, currently facing four criminal indictments, including cases related to overturning the 2020 election results, remains a significant figure in the political landscape.

In the realm of US politics, the significance of fundraising and advertising strategy often surpasses a candidate’s policies or personality. However, in the 2024 election, the money raised and spent by campaigns provide only a partial narrative. Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina, whose associated Super PAC had reserved $7.5 million in ads until Iowa’s January 15 caucuses, withdrew from the race on Sunday. 

Struggling to make an impact in national polls, October surveys indicated Scott trailing significantly behind Trump and Haley, his fellow South Carolinian. Haley plans to run her ads through Iowa’s January 15 caucuses and the subsequent New Hampshire primary. Currently, the DeSantis campaign is focusing its spending solely on Iowa. While Haley’s campaign hasn’t disclosed whether the ads will target DeSantis or Trump directly, campaign manager Betsy Ankney criticized DeSantis’s campaign. 

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Following Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ endorsement, DeSantis’s camp suggested that Haley and others in the GOP field could only act as “spoilers.” “Nikki Haley’s momentum and path to victory are clear,” Ankney said. “The same can’t be said for Ron DeSantis, who, even with a decent showing in Iowa, can’t afford a cup of coffee at the Red Arrow diner in New Hampshire and is a mere tourist in South Carolina.”

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