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No Tax Amnesty for Russian Crypto Miners as Lawmakers Withdraw Proposal

No Tax Amnesty for Russian Crypto Miners as Lawmakers Withdraw Proposal – A new draft law has taken the place of an earlier plan that would have granted cryptocurrency miners in Russia a one-year tax and customs amnesty. The original proposal was withdrawn because the tax break would have resulted in budget losses for the state.

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Russian lawmakers have proposed legislation in the State Duma to control cryptocurrency mining once more. The new draft replaces a measure that was submitted at the end of April but was later withdrawn.

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The deputies pointed out that the revised version lacks some provisions that would have decreased the tax burden on miners at the expense of the federal budget. Mining operators will not be compelled to investigate their clients’ sources of funding under the new guidelines, which is a plus for those extracting digital currencies.

The earlier draft law called for the creation of a separate registration for crypto mining entities, as well as their temporary exemption from taxes and customs duties. Miners would not be required to clear customs for hardware imported prior to the law’s implementation or file tax returns for profits earned from crypto mining for a year.

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The measure would also exempt them from paying value-added tax (VAT) on transactions related to the mining of digital currencies that occurred before the bill went into effect. According to crypto news outlets Forklog and RBC Crypto, these benefits are no longer available, but the rest of the draft is similar to the original bill.

Officials in Moscow are in agreement that cryptocurrency mining, in which Russia is a global leader, should be recognized as a business operation and regulated. The procedure is defined in the newest draft law as the issuance or generation of digital currency in the Russian Federation, using the country’s information infrastructure and equipment.

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No Tax Amnesty for Russian Crypto Miners as Lawmakers Withdraw Proposal – Authorities in Russia are likewise working to create a complete legal framework for cryptocurrencies. In February, the Ministry of Finance introduced a new bill titled “On Digital Currency.” Its major goal is to close the regulatory loopholes left after the adoption of the “On Digital Financial Assets” law, which took effect in January of last year.

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