OpenAI May Start Manufacturing AI Chips for Itself

OpenAI May Start Manufacturing AI Chips for Itself – OpenAI, widely recognized for its AI chatbot ChatGPT, is reportedly exploring the possibility of manufacturing customized AI chips. Inside sources cited in a Reuters report suggest that OpenAI is already considering potential partnerships with undisclosed companies as it ramps up its efforts in chip development.

While these reports remain unverified, it appears that OpenAI’s motivation behind this endeavor is to safeguard its AI services from the ongoing chip shortage. The move comes as a strategic response to the escalating demand for Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) driven by the growing interest in generative AI technology.

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The global chip shortage has exerted considerable pressure on OpenAI and similar tech companies. To address this challenge, OpenAI is actively evaluating several options. One option is to potentially acquire a chip company, following the footsteps of giants like Amazon and Google, which would enable OpenAI to independently manufacture its own chips.

Alternatively, OpenAI may opt for two other avenues. Firstly, it could strengthen its collaboration with its primary chip supplier, NVIDIA. Secondly, it might diversify its chip suppliers beyond its existing roster. Interestingly, OpenAI’s interest in developing custom AI chips may not solely be motivated by the need to maintain its AI services. 

Reports also suggest that the company is preparing to collaborate with former Apple chief designer Jony Ive to create a new AI hardware device. If these reports hold true, OpenAI has multiple compelling reasons to embark on the journey of crafting its own AI chips.


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