Quik․com Marketplace Launches Minting of NFT Domain Names

Quik․com Marketplace Launches Minting of NFT Domain Names – Digitalization has seen a golden age in recent years as a result of significant technical breakthroughs. Concepts that we had never heard of before are now becoming commonplace.

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NFT domains, for example, are becoming increasingly popular as new web extensions. NFT domain names such as .bored, .doge, .shib, .vr, .metaverse, and .blockchain are being launched by Quik.com and are linked to the blockchain via smart contracts.

The fundamental feature that distinguishes NFT domains from standard domains is their decentralized nature. Traditionally, when we buy a domain name, we are simply renting it from centralized servers for a set length of time.

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Decentralized domains, on the other hand, allow us to keep ownership of our assets and maintain self-custody. NFT domains are validated on the blockchain and saved in a digital wallet, just like any other cryptocurrency.

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Furthermore, these domains have benefits such as the means to support decentralized web portals, full ownership control over domain management aspects, and the flexibility for developers to develop beyond what is put into a web browser.

These NFT domains have been dubbed “catalysts” for transforming the internet as we know it. Quik.com has developed a platform, dubbed the world’s leading blockchain marketplace for NFT domains, which allows users to buy and sell blockchain-based domains, as well as a sophisticated search system that allows users to explore individual listings.

“We want to foster unique NFT domain names for the web of tomorrow,” Quik’s founders stated while discussing the project’s goals.

The Quik ecosystem is meant to provide a gateway to Web 3.0. The platform aims to assist businesses in transitioning from the centralized Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, the internet’s permissionless and permanent future. It will enable us to restore the independence we lost when we switched from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0.

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Following the launch of Quik’s NFT domain marketplace, the team is currently concentrating on developing web browser extensions, including their own, and cooperating with big cryptocurrency wallets like Coinbase.

Exchanges will be able to use Quik NFT domains in addition to the existing wallet addresses as a result of this cooperation. Later this year, Quik.com will organize a public token sale for QUIK tokens.

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