Recently Released Metaverse NFT Coin Gained 32% In Few Hours – Stripto

Metaverse NFT Coin Gained 32% In Few Hours – Stripto – Today, cryptocurrency markets experienced strong price rises, with Bitcoin and Ethereum leading. As a result, many smaller projects are witnessing even larger price increases. 

Stripto, an NFT/Metaverse crypto coin that has gained over 32% since being posted on CoinMarketCap few hours ago, is our focus today.

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What Is Stripto?

Stripto is the world’s first NFT marketplace with a dynamic pricing protocol, which launched on February 4th, 2022. The goal of this project is to change the way people acquire and sell NFTs in the future.

Stripto’s protocol, dubbed “strip the price,” is a new pricing system designed by the Stripto team. The STRIP token powers Stripto’s dynamic pricing algorithm, enhancing the usefulness and demand for the underlying asset.

On the Stripto marketplace, every product has two purchasing options: a regular posted price and a concealed price. Users can pay STRIP tokens to unlock the cheaper pricing for 10 seconds and thereby unlock the hidden cost. When a user spends a token, the product’s price decreases.

The NFT’s value falls as a result of the protocol deducting the value of the STRIP token from the original price, allowing consumers to buy it for less. During the 10 seconds in which the product is displayed, it will only be accessible to the users who unlocked it, ensuring that all users are treated equally.

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Stripto’s protocol provides an unprecedented option to purchase NFT products at assured low costs. Users can try out the trial version of their NFT marketplace to observe how their “strip the price” protocol works while the project is still in development.

Stripto has ambitions for a liquidity import protocol integration as well as a Launchpad and Metaverse (Striptoverse) connectivity to keep the marketplace active.

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In-depth Look On Stripto

Stripto comes with a detailed whitepaper and a CERTIK audit dated January 28th. Stripto does not have a Minimum Viable Product, but they do provide a quick demonstration of how the marketplace will work, as well as an explanation video that demonstrates how their “strip the price” protocol works.

Looking at the token’s BEP-20 contract address, we can observe that the top address holding the most STRIP tokens accounts for nearly 40% of the token’s entire supply.

The excellent thing is that the topmost holder is a contract address, implying that the prospects of these tokens being traded anytime soon are slim.

PacnakeSwap V2 and PinkSale liquidity lock are the second and third largest holders, accounting for 39 percent of the total supply.

Stripto’s token distribution is, on the whole, fairly balanced. The top contract address, which holds almost 40% of the circulating supply, is the only one to be concerned about.

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Stripto’s current market capitalization is $3.5 million, with a 24-hour volume of $690,000. These figures are outstanding and indicate a strong market for a project which was only released not quite long.

Stripto’s concept of dynamically pricing NFTs has the potential to bring actual value to the token. The present market worth of $3 million is low, and the sentiment for this project is bullish, despite the fact that one address has almost 40% of the token supply.

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