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Report Claims Samsung Is Producing 3nm ASIC Chips

Report Claims Samsung Is Producing 3nm ASIC Chips — According to speculations, Samsung is developing ASICs for bitcoin mining, and Microbt, a manufacturer of bitcoin mining equipment, could be one of their future clients. According to information from thelec.net, the electronics company plans to test the foundry production of 3nm chips this week.

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According to some reports, Samsung made a clue regarding the new chips during a 2022 earnings call. The company has also produced smart televisions that enable NFT infrastructure and non-fungible token (NFT) assets this year.

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According to a report from thelec.net, Samsung’s first 3nm chip customer will be an unnamed Chinese ASICs company, although Qualcomm has also “made reservations for the process.” 

On social media, rumors of Samsung creating 3nm chips exclusively for bitcoin mining have taken off like wildfire. If Samsung develops ASICs for bitcoin mining, it will imitate the actions of a few competitors like Intel and TSMC.

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Intel only recently began making semiconductors for bitcoin mining this year, but Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has been making ASICs that crypto miners can utilize for years.

Several crypto news outlets have reported on the Samsung speculation that the business is developing bitcoin-friendly ASICs, and the original source, thelec.net, cites people with knowledge of the situation.

It’s likely that Samsung has already been producing ASICs that are compatible with bitcoin without anyone being aware of it. For example, TSMC has provided processors to businesses like Bitmain, although the Taiwanese company doesn’t openly announce these products.

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According to South Korean local news from January 2018, Samsung was already collaborating with a Chinese firm to develop ASIC chips for mining digital currencies.

“Samsung runs a foundry that provides mining equipment and ASIC chips to a Chinese bitcoin mining company.” Samsung has only recently started its cryptocurrency mining business, so it is unsure of the profits it will make from it, according to the local media at the time.

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