Robert F Kennedy Jr Expected to Announce Independent run for 2024 US Election

Robert F Kennedy Jr Expected to Announce Independent run for 2024 US Election – Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a member of the Kennedy political family who has been campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination for the past six months, is anticipated to declare his candidacy as an independent for the presidency on Monday. In a statement emailed to the media, Kennedy’s campaign said the 69-year-old will make a “much-anticipated announcement in [an] address to the American people” on Monday afternoon in Philadelphia.

Kennedy, who officially entered the race against Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination in April, has consistently polled at an average of 15% among Democrats nationwide. However, over the past six months, Kennedy, known for his promotion of conspiracy theories and a lengthy history of vaccine opposition, has faced difficulties gaining ground in Biden’s support base.

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As the nephew of John F. Kennedy and the son of Robert F. Kennedy, both prominent Democrats who tragically lost their lives to assassination, Kennedy has faced criticism for making unfounded claims, such as attributing “leaky brain” to wifi and suggesting that chemicals in water cause gender dysphoria. In July, he faced accusations of antisemitism when he asserted that Covid-19 had been intentionally targeted to spare Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese people from the worst effects of the disease. 

During the same month, the Congressional Integrity Project, a political watchdog group, released a report detailing Kennedy’s interactions with and promotion of racists, antisemites, and extremist conspiracy theorists. In a statement about the announcement, Kennedy’s campaign said he “will lay out a path to the White House that involves a major shift in American politics.”

“Presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr will make a historic announcement on Oct 9 in Philadelphia, where he will share a vision of a profound realignment of American politics and the healing of the nation’s widening partisan divide,” the statement said. Despite Kennedy’s Democratic presidential candidacy, polling data indicates that he enjoys greater popularity among Republicans than among Democratic party loyalists.

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Throughout his campaign, Kennedy has made frequent appearances on Fox News, a conservative news network, and has also been a guest on the podcasts hosted by Steve Bannon, the former advisor to Donald Trump, and Alex Jones, a rightwing figure known for promoting conspiracy theories.

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