Ron DeSantis Says He Will ‘Destroy Leftism’ in US if Elected President

Ron DeSantis Says He Will ‘Destroy Leftism’ in US if Elected President – Ron DeSantis stated that if he were to win the Republican presidential nomination over Donald Trump next year, he anticipates occupying two terms in the White House and plans to eradicate leftism in the nation. “I will be able to destroy leftism in this country and leave woke ideology in the dustbin of history,” the Florida governor told Fox News.

DeSantis officially announced his expected candidacy last week during a Twitter event with Elon Musk, the owner of the platform, although the event was marred by technical issues. This much-anticipated announcement came after a period of uncertainty where DeSantis traveled to early voting states and released a book focused on his campaign efforts. 

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However, despite these efforts, he continuously fell further behind the former president in primary polls. Trump is currently facing unprecedented legal challenges, including potential criminal charges, accusations of sexual assault and defamation, as well as allegations of inciting the January 6 attack on Congress and tampering with the election process. Additionally, there are concerns regarding his retention of classified documents.

Nevertheless, Trump maintains a significant lead over other contenders in the race. According to most polling averages, Trump is ahead of his closest competitor, DeSantis, by more than 30 percentage points. Undaunted, the governor told Fox & Friends on Monday: “At the end of the day, I’ve shown in Florida an ability to win huge swaths of voters that Republicans typically can’t win – while also delivering the boldest agenda anywhere in the country.”

According to Democrats and numerous political analysts, DeSantis’s staunch conservative stances, which include opposing LGBTQ+ rights, exerting control over public school curriculum, relaxing gun control regulations, and implementing a six-week abortion ban, may result in electoral setbacks for him in a general election.

Furthermore, the governor’s highly publicized clash with Disney, a significant employer within his state, due to his “don’t say gay” legislation that prohibits discussions about sexuality and gender identity in public classrooms, has also led to a loss of support from certain major donors. DeSantis has managed to gather a substantial campaign fund, positioning himself as the most formidable challenger to Trump. 

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He holds an advantage over other candidates, including former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, South Carolina senator Tim Scott, and former Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson. Polls assessing a hypothetical general election matchup between DeSantis and Joe Biden indicate a close race, with the governor and the president running neck-and-neck

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