Secret Service Worker Sent Home After Attacking Woman in Israel

Secret Service Worker Sent Home After Attacking Woman in Israel – Prior to President Biden’s trip to the Middle East, a Secret Service agent was in Israel. He assaulted a woman outside a bar and was then sent home from Jerusalem, according to CNN on Wednesday.

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The Secret Service acknowledged receiving word late on Monday that one of its employees had supposedly engaged in a physical encounter. Israeli police briefly detained and questioned the employee before releasing him without charging him. The agency stated in a statement that the employee had returned to the United States and that the claimed attack was not sexual in nature.

The employee’s use of Secret Service facilities has also been put on hold while an investigation is ongoing. It was unclear right away how the contact began or whether there were any other details. The employee, according to CNN, was a part of the Secret Service’s Counter Assault Team.

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Secret Service Worker Sent Home After Attacking Woman in Israel

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The first leg of Biden’s four-day journey to the region began on Wednesday when he arrived in Jerusalem. The president will visit the West Bank in the upcoming days before continuing on to Saudi Arabia to meet with King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. The event on Monday is not the first occasion the Biden administration has had to send Secret Service agents home following a foreign trip.

Prior to Biden’s visit to South Korea in May, two employees, an agent and an armed physical security specialist were sent home following a confrontation with a Korean cab driver caused by alcohol. According to reports, the altercation happened in front of the Seoul hotel where Biden later stayed.

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