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Survey Shows Metaverse Will Be Most Popular Place to Buy and Trade Cryptocurrency

Survey Shows Metaverse Will Be Most Popular Place to Buy and Trade Cryptocurrency – According to a recent survey, the metaverse would become the most popular venue to purchase, trade, and sell cryptocurrency. Furthermore, 70% of those polled felt that “cryptocurrency and blockchain technology breakthroughs will be essential in molding the metaverse’s future.”

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Agora (NASDAQ: API), an audio, video, and live interactive network and service with a Nasdaq listing, conducted a metaverse poll and released the results last Tuesday.

According to Agora, the company approached 300 developers in the United States and asked them a series of questions “to understand more about what they thought about the metaverse and what we will see in the coming years.” Developers were polled because “the rise of the metaverse allows them to establish new communities and better connect with people,” according to the business.

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As a result of the findings:

“57 percent of respondents believe the metaverse will become the most popular site for acquiring, storing, and exchanging cryptocurrency, while 18 percent oppose and 25% are neutral.”

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Furthermore, 70% agreed that “cryptocurrency and blockchain technology breakthroughs will be important to influencing the future of the metaverse,” with only 9% disagreeing.

“The majority of developers were optimistic on NFTs and expect they will become the greatest currency in the near future,” the survey results say of non-fungible tokens.

Participants in the survey were also questioned who they believe will own the metaverse. Meta (formerly Facebook) gained 55% of the vote, followed by Google (9%), Microsoft (7%), Apple (6%), and Amazon (3%). (5 percent).

Meta has just filed eight trademark applications, covering both the metaverse and a number of crypto services.

The metaverse’s magnitude has been approximated by a variety of analysts. Citi forecast last month that the metaverse might have a $13 trillion potential by 2030, with five billion users. Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs both predicted that the metaverse might be worth $8 trillion.

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JPMorgan created a lounge in Decentraland in February after projecting that “the metaverse will certainly enter every sector in some form over the next few years, even with market potential projected at over $1 trillion in yearly profits.”

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