Threads Aiming to Add Edit Button and Other New Features

Threads Aiming to Add Edit Button and Other New Features – Threads, the social network launched just a week ago, is already focusing on a range of upcoming features and fixes to address user dissatisfaction and keep up with Twitter. In a post on Threads shared by Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, which is owned by Meta, it was revealed that they are currently developing an edit button that will allow users to modify their posts. 

Other additions being worked on include an option to exclusively view accounts that users follow and the ability to search for specific posts. One of the most intriguing features among the proposed updates is the edit button. Although Twitter introduced an edit option in late 2022, there are a couple of limitations to consider. 

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Users are given a mere 60-minute timeframe to make changes to their tweets, and the feature is exclusively available to subscribers of Twitter Blue, priced at $8 per month or $84 per year. In contrast, since Threads is free to use, all users will have the ability to edit their posts once this feature becomes available. Furthermore, the implementation of these proposed enhancements will contribute to making Threads more user-friendly and similar to Twitter.

Currently, Threads displays a feed that includes all types of accounts, whether or not they are followed by the user. While there is a workaround to limit the feed to accounts one follows, offering users a direct choice within the app would be a better solution. Additionally, Threads includes a search feature, but it only allows users to search for accounts, with no capability to search for specific posts.

In his Tuesday post, Mosseri acknowledged that “with so many people joining @threads so fast these last six days (six days!) the team has been entirely focused on keeping the lights on and fixing bugs, but we’re starting to prioritize the obvious missing features, like a following feed, the edit button, and post search.”

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Threads has garnered an impressive response, attracting over 100 million users within a week. However, not all users are satisfied, as there have been complaints about certain limitations, missing features, and other challenges, particularly when compared to Twitter. 

In order to assure users that the platform is committed to progress, Mosseri has been keeping them informed about upcoming enhancements. One restriction of Threads is its direct connection to your Instagram account. This means that deleting or deactivating your Threads account also affects your Instagram account. 

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To address this issue, Mosseri stated that they are exploring options to allow users to delete their Threads account separately. Another source of frustration is the random display of posts in the feed without any sorting or customization options available to users. 

To address this issue, Mosseri mentioned that both Instagram and Facebook offer the ability to sort the feed chronologically, and the same functionality will be introduced to Threads. Furthermore, Mosseri hinted at additional forthcoming features in another post, such as the inclusion of hashtags and potentially even direct messaging.

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For Android users eager to experience new features and bug fixes ahead of time, a beta version of Threads will be available for download. However, Mosseri cautioned that the beta version may be less stable compared to the official release. 

As for the official timeline, some of the improvements may be just around the corner. Mosseri playfully expressed that the team is enthusiastic about delivering these enhancements starting this week, although they acknowledge that they may be taking on a significant challenge.

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