Threads Traffic Declines After Initial Surge in Interest

Threads Traffic Declines After Initial Surge in Interest – The Threads app by Meta experienced rapid growth with over 100 million sign-ups shortly after its launch. However, it seems that this explosive growth has now stabilized. According to SimilarWeb, the number of Android users accessing the Threads app has been declining. On July 7, a day after the app’s official release, there were 49.3 million users recorded.

However, by July 10, the number of daily active users had dropped to 36.6 million. Moreover, the average time spent on the Threads app by users in the United States decreased from approximately 20 minutes on July 6 to just over 8 minutes on July 10. This decline in time spent was observed globally as well, affecting users worldwide.

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SensorTower, another company monitoring app usage, also noted a decline in traffic to Threads. According to CNBC, the number of daily active users on the app, compared to the previous Saturday, had decreased by about 20%. Additionally, the time spent on the app had dropped by 50%. The results indicate that users were initially willing to sign up for and explore Threads. 

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However, their interest in continuing to use the app seems to be lower. This is not an encouraging indication, but Instagram Head Adam Mosseri acknowledges the challenges. “So humbled by everyone signing up, but we gotta make sure this is an app people want to keep using before we worry about making money,” he wrote last week. 

Conversely, the decrease in traffic presents a potential advantage for Twitter, which is being revamped by its owner, Elon Musk, with a focus on promoting free speech. In contrast, Threads aims to establish a public forum that avoids the negative aspects of hard news and politics.

Additionally, Meta, the company behind Threads, is planning to introduce several new features that could generate interest in the app. These features include an edit button and a desktop mode. Currently, Threads is only accessible through Android and iOS apps, while the web version only allows read-only access.


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