TikTok Introduces Text-Only Posts

TikTok Introduces Text-Only Posts – TikTok has unveiled its new feature of text-only posts, joining other tech companies in targeting users seeking an alternative to Twitter. The video-sharing platform announced the update on Monday, allowing users to create “text-based content.” 

This move is aimed at expanding the possibilities of content creation for all TikTok users, providing a dedicated space for the written creativity often seen in comments, captions, and videos to shine. Additionally, users will have the option to enhance their text-only posts with colored backgrounds and stickers. 

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The word limit for these posts is set at 1,000 words. This new feature has been likened to Instagram’s approach, where posts can be commented on rather than fostering full-fledged conversations. According to a report, the new feature introduction is seen as a direct challenge to Twitter (now X) and Meta’s Threads.

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This comes as Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter in October, made another significant change this week by rebranding the company as X. Commentators have labeled this move as “extremely risky.” In July, Twitter experienced significant financial challenges, reporting a 50% drop in ad revenue due to advertisers holding back their spending on the platform.

Seizing the opportunity presented by the perceived chaos surrounding Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, rival tech companies sought to attract some of its user base and launched competing platforms. One such platform is Instagram’s Threads, a text-based app that leverages its existing user base.

Launched earlier this month with much excitement, Threads managed to attract 100 million sign-ups in less than five days. However, Forbes reports that the number of active daily users has since decreased by 70%. Comparing user bases, TikTok has just over a billion users, as stated on the company website, while Instagram boasts 2.3 billion users, according to the industry website Business of Apps.

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TikTok’s audience skews younger compared to Instagram’s. This was highlighted by the UK Communications watchdog, which revealed that TikTok is the primary news source for 12 to 15-year-olds, followed by YouTube and Instagram. Nevertheless, TikTok has faced criticism due to its connections with China. 

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Various governments, including those of Canada, the US, UK, and Australia, have restricted the app’s use on government-owned devices. Furthermore, it was recently disclosed that TikTok’s China-based employees have access to some Australian user data.

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